YMCA Case Study

YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids
Uses a Healthy Dose of Trumpia!

YMCA case study

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YMCA uses text messaging

Who They Are

The YMCA is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.



A local YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids in Michigan began a program to teach parents about healthy diets and exercise, but struggled to find an effective way to contact these parents. And in particular, they wanted to boost attendance at their free exercise classes.

Application & Solution

Trumpia enabled the YMCA to send multiple text messages each week to more than 400 parents and participants. The YMCA sends recipe suggestions, physical activity reminders, and encouragement to eat more fruits and vegetables. And responses have been great. The YMCA recently expanded their use of Trumpia to send reminders, suggestions, and cancellation notices to class participants.

"All in all, Trumpia has been really effective. One of the best features that Trumpia offers is their one-on-one contact between a designated Trumpia representative and our organization. This has been immensely helpful whenever I have random questions or inquiries about the system. Trumpia also offers several blogs and articles that have provided me with ideas and suggestions that enhance our campaigns."

Megan Streeter, Data Specialist at YMCA