US Open Case Study

The US Open's Chief Umpire Office send text messages to reach and coordinate their officials as they moved about the courts.

US Open case study

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US Open Improve Internal Communication

Who They Are

The US Open Tennis Championships is a premier tournament, and a mainstay on the pro tennis tournament circuit since 1881.


The US Open’s Chief Umpire Office needed a way to effectively communicate with their staff. However, the challenge was notifying individual officials as they were all scattered and moving around the event grounds. They quickly realized that the email service they were previously using was ineffective. So they began looking for a software that enabled them to send their notifications to their officials while still being mobile.


They found a solution with Trumpia. Upon signing up, they quickly implemented Trumpia to send text notifications regarding any upcoming events and updates. They noted a significant increase in event participation and engagement, as well as a dramatic boost in message open rates. Also, Trumpia’s messaging software reduced the need for other potentially irritating communication methods such as loud PA announcements.

“We find that the service is good for a group scattered throughout the event grounds and whose main source of communication is mobile phone.”

Julio Echavarria, Manager of Officiating Development