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  • What's a Short Code?

    What's a Short Code?

    A Short Code is a number that a text message, SMS or MMS, can be sent to. A short code is significantly shorter (5 or 6 digits) than standard 10 digit numbers, which makes them easier to read, remember, and input when dialing. A short code may be limited to a single mobile operator or can be considered a "common" short code number across different carriers of mobile phones. Short Codes are typically used with Mobile Keywords for text message campaigns for marketing or messaging purposes.

    When you sign up for Trumpia's SMS Marketing software, you automatically get a shared short code for free. But there is another option. Trumpia is a dedicated short code service provider, meaning you can also lease dedicated short codes from us.

  • What Are Dedicated Short Codes?

    First things first. Short codes are shortened telephone numbers that your customers can text to opt-in for your marketing program. Since they're significantly shorter than standard phone numbers, they're a whole lot easier to display, remember, and enter to dial, increasing the probability someone will do so. Shared short codes are ones that are used by multiple users in Trumpia's system. As such, only one company is allowed use a particular keyword for each shared short code. Otherwise, multiple companies would receive messages not meant for them. Dedicated short codes, on the other hand, are short codes that are exclusive to your own personal use. No one else will use it, display it, or have their customers text it.

  • Things to Consider

    If you're thinking about getting a dedicated short code, here are a few things to consider:

    1. 1 A dedicated short code requires a financial commitment

      Depending upon which type of dedicated short code you want, they can become quite the investment. Speaking of which, there are two different types of dedicated short codes: random and vanity.

    2. 2 Random vs vanity dedicated short codes

      Random dedicated short codes are simply ones that don't necessarily spell anything out or mean anything. Vanity dedicated short codes are like vanity license plates. You get to choose the numbers so they're more relevant to you. Please note that vanity dedicated short codes cost twice as much as random ones.

    3. 3 Benefits of having a dedicated short code

      Because it's exclusively for your personal use, you can create any keyword or keywords you wish. There won't be any overlap or competition for common keywords. You also won't get messages not intended for you because of similar keywords like "MAGNET" vs "MAGNETS".

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  • jamba juice

    Trumpia's SMS marketing provides us with the most direct, immediate and affordable way to connect with local residents and quickly build a loyal following.

    Brett Thomas, Owner of Jamba Juice, Bakersfield

  • Jack's Surfboards

    People seem to really respond to the texts and come back to get a discount. If they are already in the store and sign up, we have found that they are likely to buy more.

    Nicole Stratton, Marketing Coordinator, Jack's Surfboards


    With Trumpia's text messaging software, you can reach who you need to reach instantly no matter where they are. Simply put, SMS works.

    Blair Farly, Director of communications at Mariners Church, Irvine