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Mobile Loyalty Rewards Program

  • What is a Loyalty Rewards Program?

    What Is a Loyalty Rewards Program?

    A loyalty rewards program is one that incentivizes brand loyalty. Generally, customers earn points every time they make a purchase, and they get a prize when they've accumulated enough points.

  • Go Digital

    Key Benefits of a Digital Rewards Program

    Go Digital

    Loyalty rewards programs are great, but traditional paper punch cards are bulky and easy for your customers to forget or lose. By going digital, your mobile loyalty program is stored and operated through the one thing they never leave their home without, their phone!

  • Works with Both Smart and Conventional Phones
    Works with Both Smart and Conventional Phones

    Don't limit your loyalty program to only smartphone users. Trumpia's Digital Loyalty Rewards Program works with SMS, so it works on both smartphones and conventional ones.

  • Go Green
    Go Green

    Getting rid of paper punch cards is both eco-friendly and user-friendly. Cut out the hassles of printing punch cards and stocking stamps with a digital SMS program.

  • Customizable Program
    Customizable Program

    With Trumpia’s mobile loyalty software you can customize your program as you see fit. Choose points distribution and rewards as you like, and fine-tune your program as you go for the best results.

  • Instant Analytics
    Instant Analytics

    Trumpia automatically keeps track of customer behavior in your program. See which incentives are driving traffic to your store versus the ones that none seems to be paying attention to. You can also track how quickly certain customers are earning points, and send a special VIP coupon to your most loyal customers.

  • Why Your Business Needs It

    It's well established that retaining existing customers is much more cost effective than acquiring new ones. Incentivizing repeat business will give you a competitive edge, which will result in customers being more likely pick you over a competitor when making the choice about where to spend their money.

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Why Customers Love Trumpia

  • jamba juice

    Trumpia's SMS marketing provides us with the most direct, immediate and affordable way to connect with local residents and quickly build a loyal following.

    Brett Thomas, Owner of Jamba Juice, Bakersfield

  • Jack's Surfboards

    People seem to really respond to the texts and come back to get a discount. If they are already in the store and sign up, we have found that they are likely to buy more.

    Nicole Stratton, Marketing Coordinator, Jack's Surfboards


    With Trumpia's text messaging software, you can reach who you need to reach instantly no matter where they are. Simply put, SMS works.

    Blair Farly, Director of communications at Mariners Church, Irvine