Mobile & Cross-Channel Coupons

Send enticing coupons via SMS, email, and Facebook.

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Take advantage of the unmatched flexibility and power of Trumpia’s software for creating digital coupons. Digital coupons are easier to create and a lot simpler for customers to remember than traditional printed coupons. With Trumpia, not only can you offer enticing digital coupons via SMS, you can complement them with coupons sent through picture messaging, email, and social media so no one is left out.

Marketing Automation for Mobile Coupons

Leverage the power of Trumpia’s Marketing Automation technology to target the right coupons to the right people, all at the right time. Never again leave money on the table by giving a blanket discount to those who didn’t need the extra enticement. Also, our system keeps track of customer interest and coupon redemption behavior, further helping you target special promotions to your most loyal customers. But only with Trumpia can you apply the power of Marketing Automation to multiple channels including your mobile coupon campaigns as well as email and social promotions.

Why Create Mobile Coupons for Your Business?

  • You don't need complicated POS system integration. Coupons can be redeemed through your staff's browser or directly through your customers' phones.

  • Trumpia's mobile coupons work through SMS, enabling 100% of mobile phones for digital coupon use.

  • Mobile coupons offer instant delivery and higher open rates than email or social coupons.

  • Our mobile coupon marketing software will help you sort out who to target with which coupons, matching customer attributes with the most effective offer.

  • SMS Coupons

    Don't leave anyone out. Our mobile coupons work on both smartphones and conventional ones, not limiting who can benefit from your mobile coupon offers.

  • Marketing Automation

    Target your mobile coupons more accurately, minimizing irrelevant offers and opt-outs. For example, send text coupons for sneakers to only those who’ve clicked on a sneaker promo before.

  • Tracking and Analysis

    Trumpia keeps track of your coupon campaigns so you can see what worked and what didn’t. Fine tune your offerings and maximize your results.

How It Works

Let's see how Tony's Pizzeria could use mobile coupons to drive traffic with Trumpia

Beyond Mass Texting: Integrated Communications

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