Military Bases

Base communication made better with text messaging.

text messaging for military bases

Text messages have revolutionized personal communication, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use. That applies to both military personnel and civilians alike. Texts boast a near-perfect read rate of 98% and are responded to 7.5x more often and 60x faster than email. Trumpia’s unique texting solution is trusted by some of the largest military bases in the country because it gives them the power of texting, along with powerful targeting and automation tools to help keep their base happy.

Most Common Use Cases For Military Bases

  • Promote Your Activities
  • Boost Attendance At Events
  • Send Critical Alerts
  • Post mobile keywords (eg: “Sports”) throughout your military base and on social media you can give residents a fast and easy way to opt-in to alerts about your upcoming events.

    Our unique Text Bot can branch based on how contacts respond to texts and automatically send them event information relevant to their interests
    See example

    Use the data to automatically target alerts that are relevant to your subscribers’ interests, like sending all soccer fans your schedule for World Cup viewing parties.

    Promote Your Military Activities with SMS
  • Trumpia integrated omni-channel communications allow you to inform residents of community events across email, voice, social media and texting, all from one platform.

    Reduce no-shows with event reminders that automatically get sent to anyone who showed interest by clicking a link or responding “Yes” to your invite.

    Text-enable your base’s existing landline number, so your staff can answer pressing questions without playing phone tag or risking buried emails.

    Boost Attendance at Military Events with Texting
  • Text message alerts are the fastest way to make sure a critical message is heard.

    They’re nearly instantaneous, with 90% of texts being read within 3 minutes of delivery.

    Our unique Yes/No Response feature is especially invaluable during emergency situations, allowing you to get instant responses that you can relay to first responders.

    Answer Questions with SMS Messaging
  • After sending them the information about a recreational sport league, our system can ask “ Are you interested in : A) Golf B) Baseball C) Soccer?”
  • If they respond “A”, they would be asked what their skill level is: A) Looking to Learn, B) Experienced, C) Advanced
  • If they respond “C”, they could be sent a link to sign up for your base’s golf tournaments.

How Trumpia Handles Your Resident’s Lifecycle Trumpia uniquely allows you to communicate with residents throughout every stage of their lifecycle on your base, from signup for events to sending alerts during critical situations. Here’s an example of how:(Click on the circles to view more details on each step)

1 Mobile Keywords

Advertise a mobile keyword to collect subscribers for events they are interested in.

2 Respond Automatically

Have a response automatically sent with a link that leads to more information. You can also track whether or not they click it, and send them a reminder later if it hasn’t been clicked for a week.

3 Keyword Data Capture / Online Signup Pages

Use Keyword Data Capture or Online Signup Pages to collect and store more information about what your base residents are interested in.

4 Smart Targeting

Our Smart Targeting uniquely self-updates distribution lists automatically based on subscriber’s interests and behavior, so you send only relevant information and you do not have to manually update every little change of information from subscribers.

5 Two-Way Texting

Answer questions via two-way texting using your landline number, eliminating phone tag or missed emails and without having to use your personal number.

6 Send Follow-Up Messages

Our Smart Reminders take ordinary reminders to the next level by automatically sending notifications based on previously expressed interest.

7 Dynamic Targets

Send mass alerts about dangerous weather conditions or facility closure to only the affected people using our Dynamic Targets.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our seasoned account management team will help you implement automation and lifecycle engagement into your communication strategy, delivering a tangible ROI on your investment measured by improvements in revenue, customer ratings, and employee productivity. In addition, our experienced support team is ready to help 365 days a year, with a 9-minute average support response time during business hours.

365-Day Technical Support 9 min Initial Response Time 9.5/10 Customer Service Rating

Beyond Mass Texting

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