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Marketing Automation

Remember The Jetsons, and how their robots would automatically carry out tasks for them? Trumpia is bringing this vision of the future to your present. Marketing Automation performs repetitive and tedious chores for you like sorting, matching, and updating, while improving the relevancy, targeting accuracy, and timing of your messages.

1 Send precisely personalized messages to each recipient every time.

2 Eliminate tiresome tasks and save time so you can focus on more important things.

Automation Features

  • Smart Targeting In today’s information-saturated world, it’s increasingly important to cater to your customers’ growing desire for more personalized and relevant messages. Smart Targeting lets you sort contacts into separate distribution groups based on any criteria you want from customer demographics and specific interests to their behavior. Move on from traditional mobile marketing tools, designed to send indiscriminate and repetitive messages, and save yourself from damaging your brand image and customer relationship.

    Smart Targeting
  • Dynamic Targets Keep your filtered distribution lists organized in real time as they update automatically whenever a new contact is added or an existing one is updated. Save yourself the pain of having to manually update them yourself. For example, when a customer clicks on a meat pizza link or redeems the coupon, their profile is automatically added to the “Meat Lovers” list. Then, further sort those who earned more than 10 loyalty points into a “VIP Meat Lovers” group to better target a 20% off coupon.

    Dynamic Targets
  • Auto Campaigns Set your campaigns on autopilot. Trumpia automatically triggers predetermined tasks for you whenever a specified condition is met. Send a reminder a week after sending a form to those who haven’t completed it yet, issue a stronger coupon to frequent buyers who haven’t used an initial coupon, or simply send a birthday offer a week before the exact date.

    Auto Campaigns
  • Text Bot Our Text Bot system can automatically branch incoming text inquiries down messaging trees based on how they respond to your texts. Answer common questions and send customers to targeted web pages without tying up your employees on the phone.

    Text Bot
  • Site & Event Tracking Our Site Tracking feature allows you to tell when a contact has visited certain web pages, or performed a specific action on your website. You can then use this information to segment your audience and target them based on what web pages they’ve visited. For instance, you can send a follow up message to a customer who has clicked on your pricing page, but a different message to a customer who has visited your tutorial videos.

    Site & Event Tracking
  • Click-Through Tracking This handy tool lets you embed links into your texts and emails. Trumpia then automatically tracks who did or didn’t click on which links, letting you use this information to better target your next round of messages. For example, send an announcement for a new sneaker release, and then a special 20% off coupon to only those who clicked on the link.

    Site & Event Tracking
  • Lead Scoring This enables our software to automatically assign scores to your contacts based on behavior and attributes they take within the system. This means your most qualified leads will receive the highest scores, helping you to determine who to target the most. You choose which actions accrue how many points, and can even have an auto-campaign initiated when someone hits a certain score.

    Lead Scoring
  • Campaign Suggestions Trumpia can automatically give you suggestions on how you can improve your auto-campaigns based on anonymous data we’ve collected from our very own users’ successful campaigns. And the best part is that this feature will always get better and smarter as more user data is collected.

    Campaign Suggestions
  • Report Manager Trumpia automatically generates your analytics, so you can see what worked and what didn’t and fine-tune your next campaign. Instantly get stats on open rates, coupon redemption rates, or loyalty reward point distributions.

    Report Manager

Messaging & Marketing Automation in Use Messaging or Marketing Automation can be an effective tool for both large and small businesses alike in a variety of industries, ranging from retail stores to corporations and even to churches. Here are just a few examples:

  • Businesses


    Automatically sort your customers into groups based on how often they earn reward points or redeem coupons, letting you target specific offers to your most loyal customers and entice your less frequent ones.
  • Corporation


    Send birthday or anniversary wishes on the actual day. Also, have an internal memo or an employee form automatically resent to whomever hasn’t opened it in 3 days.
  • Retail


    Have a coupon for 20% off purses automatically sent to whomever clicks on a purse promotion. Then, send alerts for new purse releases to only those who used the coupon.
  • Financial Services


    Send relevant newsletters, stock tips, or new product introductions based on your customer’s click-through behavior and account profile.
  • Restaurants


    Set it so that when customers reach 9 points on your loyalty rewards program, they automatically receive a message letting them know they’re only one point away from a free appetizer. Also, send coupons based on the redemption history of each recipient.
  • Hospitality


    Schedule check-in and check-out reminders to be sent ahead of time. Also, send a text with an embedded link to seasonal activities around your area. Three months later, send those who clicked on the link an exclusive seasonal promotion.
  • Fitness / Health

    Fitness /

    Entice your clients to join your mobile text club. Automatically make announcements, send motivational quotes to get them pumped, and boost class attendance.
  • Schools


    Collect contact information from your students, their parents, and teachers, so you can keep them up to date on relevant events or weather induced closures. Also, have our system automatically resend an important policy change if it hasn’t been opened or clicked in a week.
  • Medical Services


    Schedule reminder alerts for prescription refills, appointments, or simple announcements regarding flu vaccination for previous beneficiaries. You can also sort your patients based on their primary care physician to notify them of the doctor’s availability and substitutes if needed.
  • Religious Organizations


    Sort your congregation by age, membership status, volunteer group, and which service they attend so you can keep them updated on any schedule or event changes. Send special prayer requests to various support groups. Or simply send a verse on the actual day of each member’s birthday.
  • Government


    Send alerts and announcements based on interest. Then sort your volunteers by where they live and what skills they’re willing to give to the campaign so you can contact whom you need, when you need them.
  • Non-Profits


    Have a thank-you message automatically sent to those who click on a link to donate or volunteer for your cause. You can also automatically sort your largest donors into a separate list so you can specifically target them in future campaigns.

How It Works Let’s see how Amy’s clothing store, Chic Boutique, could use Trumpia’s Marketing Automation:

  • Amy’s store is having a slow day so she decides to use a few of Trumpia’s Marketing Automation Tools.
  • Use Smart Filtering First, Amy uses Smart Filters to separate her customers into distribution lists by what category of clothing they’re a fan of.
  • Use Mobile Coupons Amy then sends her outerwear fans a product release for her new line of coats she just got in, along with a VIP coupon.
  • Redeem Mobile Coupons Amy wants to unload her warm weather apparel, so she sends her shoe-obsessed customers who already redeemed more than 2 coupons in the past 12 months, a coupon for 40% off sandals.
  • Marketing Automation Software As Amy’s working, a customer downloads Chic Boutique’s mobile app. Fortunately, Amy’s already set Trumpia’s Marketing Automation Software to automatically send the customer a 15% off coupon for downloading her app.

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