Katch Case Study

Katch uses SMS to help their insurance provider client
achieve a 15% conversion rate from all leads.

Katch case study

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Who They Are

Katch is an award winning software company, best known for enabling brands to engage and monetize visitors to their website – even those that don’t transact. As a premium service for larger clients, Katch also works as a marketing agency, sending messages on their behalf.



Katch handled messaging for one of their clients, an insurance provider, who would consistently receive a large volume of emails from insurance customers. But due to the sheer number of messages, an exorbitant amount of time was needed to organize, categorize, and respond to inbound messages, leading to low response times and missed opportunities.


First, Katch wanted to test the efficacy of texting by using it to manually send messages such as enrollment deadline reminders, insurance quotes, and agent information.

After experiencing positive results, they decided to apply Trumpia’s automation tools. This gave them a much faster turnaround, and allowed them to send the right messages to the right recipients at the right time, all automatically. Whenever their insurance client submitted a lead, they would have Trumpia’s software automatically sort based on their gender, DOB, zip code, state of residence, household size, and lead opt-in date, so they could send more relevant and targeted messages to them. These messages ranged from one-time messages, to multiple messages set on specific days to manage a real time lifecycle of a client. They are running over 60 different distribution lists, each with contacts ranging from 6,000 – 300,000, and have seen a 15% conversion rate from all leads.

“Trumpia’s Auto Campaigns are far more efficient, especially since there is currently only one team member here who’s in charge of the platform. It also makes the time in which we re-market to the individual instant, rather than waiting a full day to re-market in a bulk send.”

Adrian Nam, Senior Marketing Manager at Katch, LLC