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How SMS Marketing Works:
Composing and Sending Your Text Message

Composing your text message is easy to do and Trumpia offers many advanced features that take your marketing campaigns to the next level. With Trumpia’s SMS software, you can broadcast text messages and picture messages or videos to your customers, giving them visuals that would help entice a purchase. You can even utilize a coupon code in your texts which can be redeemed at your business.

Section 5:Composing your Text

Start by clicking the Send Messages button within Trumpia’s interface, or alternatively click Send Messages from the Message dropdown menu to start creating your first SMS Campaign.

Add your Company Name

Type your company name into the header to inform your customers that the text messages are coming from your business.

Click the symbol to insert the header (Your Business Name) into the body of your text message.

Compose your Message

Here is where you will type in your text to your customers. Ideally, you will want to promote any specials, sales, upcoming events, coupon codes, or links to your website or your online form to capture more information about your customers to re-market to them later.

Keep in mind you have a 160 character limit, so be creative and straight to the point!

Selecting your Recipients

Once you finish composing your text, you will need to choose which distribution list you would like to send your message to.

Highlight your desired Contact List and click the right arrow to include the list into your Selected area (recipients that will receive the text message).

Once you have clicked the right arrow button to include your highlighted Contact List, it will show up within the Selected section.

After you have selected the recipients of your text message, click the Preview & Send button.

Sending your Text Message

Preview your message before sending it out. Check to make sure your delivery time, and that selected distribution lists are correct.

Review the Delivery and Cost Summary of the total amount of text credits it will be required to send.

Preview what your text message will look like before sending out your message.

Once you are satisfied with your message, click on the Agree to Terms checkbox and click send.

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Why Customers Love Trumpia

  • jamba juice

    Trumpia's SMS marketing provides us with the most direct, immediate and affordable way to connect with local residents and quickly build a loyal following.

    Brett Thomas, Owner of Jamba Juice, Bakersfield

  • Jack's Surfboards

    People seem to really respond to the texts and come back to get a discount. If they are already in the store and sign up, we have found that they are likely to buy more.

    Nicole Stratton, Marketing Coordinator, Jack's Surfboards


    With Trumpia's text messaging software, you can reach who you need to reach instantly no matter where they are. Simply put, SMS works.

    Blair Farly, Director of communications at Mariners Church, Irvine