car sales text message examples

Car Sales Text Message Examples and Templates

Text marketing for car dealerships is an invaluable tool to build relationships with clients and potential car buyers. If you’ve already implemented it in your day-by-day, you probably know of the texting back and forth you can have during the sales process, and while that back-and-forth is. In order to...
Text Marketing for Gyms

Text Marketing Strategies for Gyms and Fitness Centers

With the worst of COVID-19 finally subsiding, life has been returning to normal, causing so many industries to not only come back but thrive again. This means that industries like Fitness Centers can really use this opportunity to strategize and market their facilities effectively.  Text Marketing for Gyms is a...
Text Appointment Reminder

How to Send a Text Appointment Reminder to Your Patients

Customers and clients not showing up to your appointment can be one of the most frustrating things that happens to your business, especially for medical offices who are looking to help as many people as they can. Because at the end of the day, poor scheduling can lead to scheduling...
voip texting

What is VoIP Texting?

The term “VoIP texting“ is a hot new buzzword in the industry, which has a lot of our readers wondering what VoIP texting is. In this blog we will cover what it is, how you can use it for your business, and the advantages of partnering with a provider like...
Group Texts

8 Problems to Avoid When You’re Considering Group Texts

If you had to distill all of the warnings, suggestions, helpful hints, etiquette guides and outright commandments about group text do’s and don’ts, the bottom line is that you’re probably better off not doing them. In fact, if you were to make a list of the pros and cons of...
SMS For Recruiting

7 Ways You Can Use SMS For Recruiting and Training

Successful companies know that finding the right person for the job is a costly investment in time and energy. Getting the best return on this investment is vital, and you want to make sure you hire the right candidates and that they are up to date on training and policy....
Text Messaging Ideas

21 University Text Messaging Ideas That Maximizes Higher Education

Text messaging and SMS marketing are revolutionizing the way we communicate, much in the same way telephones and email did for generations before. Particularly for the population of current college students and applicants who grew up with cell phones, text messaging is the primary channel of communication.Here are 25 ways universities can use...
text marketing for Banks & Financial Services

4 Reasons Why Financial Services Are Using Texting

The largest banks and financial institutions have been using text messages for years, and it’s no surprise why. With a read rate five times higher than email, SMS is the most immediate, reliable, and attention-grabbing form of communication. And you don't have to worry about members deleting your app, as most customers...