Every missed appointment is a
lost opportunity.

Cut down on no-shows and wasted opportunities with Cross-Channel Appointment Reminders through text, app, email, and even voice. Text and voice messages are the most immediate and attention-grabbing form of communication. Just set the date and time - that's it! No one has to futz around checking the calendar or making live phone calls.

Restaurant managers don't have to get stressed holding tables; dentist offices will fill all slots; and field reps can ensure that customers are home for service calls.

Benefits of Cross-Channel Appointment Reminders

  • Schedule appointment reminders ahead of time, so you can focus on more important tasks.
  • icon-005 Send appointment reminders through your customer's preferred channel: SMS, MMS, mobile app, email, even recorded voice calls, or in any combination of these in any sequence.
  • Save time by addressing each individual issue with two-way texting using your local or toll-free business number.

Appointments, Reservations, & More

Field Services

Your field teams are busy and can't afford trekking out to an empty house. And customers want to be there to get what they need. Schedule texts to remind your contacts of installation or delivery times. It's a win-win when when your customers keep their appointments.


Give your diners a nudge with an SMS reminder two hours before reservation time. If they prefer, they can stroll around the neighborhood and opt for another text when their table is ready. Enable a yes/no text response to nail down a confirmation or cancellation and make sure the table gets used. Better to have your tables collecting crumbs than dust.


Send reservation reminders along with brief information about amenities, such as an airport shuttle or concierge services. Help guests avoid late check-out fees with a quick SMS reminder thanking them and inviting them to visit again.

Medical Offices

Medical appointments often are made months in advance and are easy to forget. Send a helpful reminder the day before, and make sure your patients receive the care they need.

Hair Salons

Schedule a few reminders two days and two hours prior to make sure your clients remember their appointments.