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Read about real life examples of how businesses and organizations utilized Trumpia's All-In-One platform to boost sales and engage with their audiences.

  • NHN Entertainment

    Customer : NHN Entertainment Corporation
    Campaign : Mobile Keywords, Text-to-Win
    Result : NHN Entertainment used Trumpia’s mobile keyword tool to rapidly gain opt-ins at a breakneck pace. In fact, they were able to collect over 920 and counting in under just a month. Additionally, NHN Entertainment implemented an auto-response to their keywords, which automatically sent a message to anyone who texted their keyword to the short code. In those responses, they embedded a link to download one of their games, streamlining the path from contact to download.

    Entertainment Corp
  • HANKOOK Driving Emotion

    Customer : Hankook Tires
    Campaign : API
    Result : Touted as “very cost effective” by Jonathan Shin, the Web Application Developer Associate at Hankook Tires, they used Trumpia to bolster communication between themselves, and their truck drivers and customers. Trumpia’s system easily scaled to Hankook Tire’s 2000 texts a month requirement, and allowed them to to reach who they wanted, when they wanted, with the most immediate and attention grabbing channel there is.

    Tire Company

    Customer : Douglas J
    Campaign : Mass SMS, Text-to-Join
    Result : With Trumpia, Douglas J found a system that first and foremost lets them text a large number of customers at once. By creating and posting mobile keywords on their marketing collateral and notifying customers as they checked out, they were able to efficiently collect phone numbers for their database. Then, based on their location, Douglas J sorted their customers into separate distribution groups, allowing them to send more relevant promotions. Download Case Study

    Salon Institute

    Customer : RMG Mall Media
    Campaign : API, Text-to-Win
    Result : RMG found a solution with Trumpia, which provided them the ability to utilize and manage multiple keywords at the same time. By integrating Trumpia’s “very easy to understand and learn” software into their own platform, RMG was able to collect a total of 25,186 opt-ins in just 3-4 months, with an average of about 600-700 per day.

    Marketing Agency

    Customer : Ohio Public Library Information Network
    Campaign : API
    Result : Through Trumpia’s API and Email-to-SMS technology, OPLIN was able to integrate texting capabilities into their existing information systems. With roughly 49,000 unique phone numbers collected, they are now able to send nearly 11,000 notifications a week.

    Compact Organization

    Customer : US Open Tennis Championship
    Campaign : SMS Texts, Increase Participants
    Result : Upon signing up, the US Open quickly implemented Trumpia to send text notifications regarding any upcoming events and updates. They noted a significant increase in event participation and engagement, as well as a dramatic boost in message open rates. Also, Trumpia’s messaging software reduced the need for other potentially irritating communication methods such as loud PA announcements. Download Case Study

    Sports Organization

    Customer : Jump A Roos
    Campaign : Mobile Coupons, SMS Text Blasts, Increase Attendance
    Result : Jump A Roos set a record attendance day, topping previous record admission figures by a whopping 83%. The entertainment center went multi-channel in their efforts to attract new customers and bring in repeat business. With the help of Trumpia's multi-channel marketing solution, Jump A Roos was able to see consistent improvements with each campaign. Download Case Study

    Family Entertainment

    Customer : Mariners Church
    Campaign : Mobile Keywords, Audience Engagement, Increase Event Attendance
    Result : Mariners Church has been able to collect over 1,200 mobile numbers since launching mobile messaging campaigns with its youth ministries. The church has seen 75% of student ministries positively respond to these communication efforts, and has established a strong sense of unity and camaraderie within their community. Download Case Study

    Religious Organization
  • Professor Jon Beaupré of Cal State LA

    Customer : Jon Beaupré of California State University, Los Angeles
    Campaign : Text-to-Screen, Mobile Keywords, Audience Engagement
    Result : Professor Jon Beaupré of CSULA integrated Trumpia's Text-to-Screen feature into his curriculum to engage students and significantly increase class participation. Beaupré has been able to transform texting, a widely considered classroom distraction, into an effective and constructive educational tool. Download Case Study

  • Napa Valley Wine Train

    Customer : Napa Valley Wine Train
    Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Mobile Keywords
    Result : Napa Valley Wine Train, a wine and food dining destination in Northern California, used Trumpia to collect over 8,000 mobile subscribers in just a few months of running its pilot programs. Guests and interested diners texted in mobile keywords to enter into raffled giveaways. For on-board diners, Napa Wine Train managed to engage up to 55% of all guests with mobile keyword campaigns. Download Case Study

  • JACK'S surfboards

    Customer : Jack’s Surfboards
    Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Keywords
    Result : Jack’s Surfboards, a popular retailer within the surf community, used the ease of mobile marketing to grow, collect, and organize customer contact info. In their TOMS Style Your Sole campaign, they produced $6,000 in sales within the span of 5 hours through their marketing effort. Download Case Study


    Customer : The Teen Project
    Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Mobile Keywords
    Result : The Teen Project is a non-profit organization aimed at providing assistance to homeless or abused teens. With SMS capabilities, teens can text in SHELTER to find out where the nearest shelter is. The solution now connects homeless teens with 17,000 shelters across the US. Download Case Study


    Customer : Armory Survival Gear
    Campaign : Email Marketing, SMS/MMS Text Marketing, Mobile Coupons
    Result : Armory Survival Gear, a well-known streetwear company amongst the urban culture, used Trumpia to boost holiday traffic. With just a 2-day campaign, the retailer achieved 30% of its monthly revenue using the multi-channel marketing platform. Download Case Study

  • jamba juice

    Customer : Jamba Juice
    Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, QR Codes, Mobile Coupons, Social Media
    Result : Jamba Juice of Bakersfield, which owns and operates four local franchises of the popular beverage and food company, increased its in-store traffic by around ten percent. As a result of the increased traffic, Jamba Juice of Bakersfield has realized a significant boost in sales. Download Case Study

  • attic

    Customer : Attic
    Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Social Media
    Result : Attic generated $20,000 in sales within the first 2 hours of opening. Attic produced a month’s worth of revenue in 3 days. Download Case Study

  • Chick-fil-A

    Customer : Chick-fil-A
    Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Mobile Keyword, Mobile Coupons, Social Media
    Result : Chick-fil-A acquired 2,000 mobile contacts by advertising their very own keyword via social media, blog posts, online networds and signage. Opt-in customers were rewarded with special discounts resulting in an exciting 20 percent redemption rate. Participating customers are now offered weekly coupons, deals and promotions. Download Case Study

  • Micheal C.Fina

    Customer : Michael C. Fina (Diamond Dash : Dash for a Diamond & a Cure)
    Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Social Media
    Result : The event raised $25,000 through dasher donations, raffle ticket sales, and partner donations. The campaign connected with 343 participants and had a 100% engagement rate. Download Case Study

  • Gospel Truth

    Customer : Gospel Truth Magazine
    Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Online Sign-up Page, Mobile Keyword Voting, Social Media
    Result : Within a month of their campaign, 10,000 mobile numbers signed up through their keywords from flyers, prints publications, websites, blogs, as well. The magazine now contacts their opt-in members regularly for music promotions, upcoming album releases, and events. Download Case Study


    Customer : Mustang Heritage Foundation
    Campaign : Mobile Keyword Voting
    Result : 838 audience members participated in the mobile voting campaign with the contest winner receiving 160 text-ins. In total, the Fan Favorite horse and rider received over $14,000 worth of prize money for performance during the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Download Case Study


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