Case Studies

Read about how these organizations
utilized Trumpia to boost sales and engage
with audiences.
  • Super_One_Logo Super One Foods engages a younger clientele. Super One Foods supplements their paper coupons with a digital campaign to attract a younger demographic. Download
  • abccreative ab+c helps deter Delaware citizens
    from drunk driving.
    Marketing agency, ab+c Creative Intelligence, used mobile keywords to help the Delaware Office of Highway Safety get drunk drivers home safe. Download
  • POINTBURST PointBurst lets audience pick TedX winner. During a teen challenge at the TEDxOrangeCoast Annual Conference, PointBurst used a text-to-vote campaign for audience members to choose the winner. Download
  • ZACKS Zacks Investment sends tips to customers. By integrating Trumpia's SMS software into their email system, Zacks Investment diversified how they express-delivered their stock tips. Download
  • HIGHFIVE HighFive Yogurt promotes specials to their customers. By sorting customers based on which location they visited, HighFive Yogurt was able to market branch-specific promotions. Download
  • NHN NHN Entertainment boosts game downloads. Video game developer NHN Entertainment embeds links in keyword auto-responses that direct customers to a download of their games. Download
  • HANKOOK Hankook Tires keeps customers
    up-to-date on shipment statuses.
    Using text messages, Hankook Tires seamlessly coordinated their truck delivery drivers and customers to give accurate shipment information. Download
  • AVEDA INSTITUTE Douglas J markets promotions across 10 locations. By sorting their customers' contact information based on which branch's keyword they texted to opt-in, Douglas J is able to send more relevant promotions. Download
  • RMG MALL RMG Mall Media gives shoppers an interactive way to win. RMG Mall Media ran multiple text-to-win programs at the same time by creating a separate trackable keyword for each campaign. Download
  • OPLIN OPLIN sends text notifications to Library patrons. By integrating our SMS API with their email system, the Ohio Public Library Information Network was able to send notifications across both platforms. Download
  • US OPEN US Open coordinates event
    The US Open's Chief Umpire Office sent text messages to reach and coordinate their officials as they moved about the courts. Download
  • JUMP A ROOS Jump A Roos uses multi-channel delivery methods to send promotions. By sending promotions across email, social media, and texts, Jump A Roos smashed their previous record attendance day by 83%. Download
  • MARINERS CHURCH Mariners Church connects
    with congregation.
    Mariners Church sorted contact information based on which sermon the member attended to send relevant messages throughout the week. Download
  • Professor Jon Beaupré turns the tables on texting in the classroom. Professor Jon Beaupré of Cal State Los Angeles significantly increased student participation with an in-class text-to-screen program. Download
  • Wine Train Napa Valley Wine Train
    entertains with raffle campaign.
    Using a creative raffle campaign, the Napa Valley Wine Train was able to collect over 8,000 subscribers in just a few months of running its pilot program. Download
  • Jack's Surfboards Jack's Surfboards sorts
    contacts to send more relevant messages.
    Jack's Surfboards drove a wave of customers to their special event that resulted in $6,000 in just 5 hours. Download
  • The Teen Project The Teen Project gives
    shelter to children in need.
    By creating a keyword that locates the nearest shelter, The Teen Project connects homeless and abused children with over 17,000 shelters. Download
  • Armory Survival Gear drives Armory Survival Gear drives
    holiday traffic to its store.
    Using a multi-channel marketing strategy to boost holiday sales, Armory Survival Gear was able to generate 30% of it's monthly revenue in just 2 days. Download
  • Jamba Juice Jamba Juice builds
    customer relationships.
    Jamba Juice of Bakersfield used mass SMS and QR code campaigns to increase store traffic by about 10%. Download
  • Attic Attic gets stuffed with
    Black Friday Marketing.
    Attic was able to produce a month's revenue in just 3 days by promoting their Black Friday deals with a new mobile keyword. Download
  • Chick-fil-A Chick-fil-A gives customers
    a treat.
    By incentivizing opt-ins with a special discount and promoting their keyword through multiple channels, Chick-fil-A was able to collect over 2,000 contacts. Download
  • Michael C. Fina Diamond Dash raises over
    $25,000 for event.
    Using a creative scavenger hunt for their charity event, Michael C. Fina placed 15 unique keywords around New York for the 300 participants to find. Download
  • Gospel Truth Magazine Gospel Truth Magazine keeps
    their audience connected.
    Gospel Truth Magazine collected over 10,000 phones numbers in a month, to which they sent music promotions, upcoming album releases, and events. Download
  • EXTREME Mustang Heritage
    Foundation picks a winner.
    Using a text-to-vote campaign, the Mustang Heritage Foundation let event goers vote for their favorite mustang. Download