Developer API Plans

Why Our API Is Better

  • High Throughput Rates & Enterprise-Grade Reliability

    High Throughput Rates &
    Enterprise-Grade Reliability

    Fast SMS delivery of up to 300 texts per second. Other short code messaging providers offer less than 25 texts per second, and long code messaging offers just 1 text per second.
  • Free Shared Short Code

    Free Shared Short Code

    New short codes are expensive and take weeks to activate. We include a shared short code that’s ready for immediate use.
  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability

    Enterprise-Grade Reliability

    Our unique aggregator failover ensures that your messages get sent. Our system is backed by multiple network connections, dual data centers, active servers, and mirrored storage.
  • Guaranteed Discounts

    Guaranteed Discounts

    Our prepaid text credit bucket structure locks in a permanent discount. Other providers use a post-paid billing structure that does not guarantee a discount if you do not use a certain amount of credits every month.
  • No Contracts

    No Contracts

    Don't get tied down by restrictive contracts with high monthly fees and years of commitment to get great prices.
  • Powerful End-User Tools

    Powerful End-User Tools

    Save your company time. Access our powerful user interface in addition to our robust API.
  • Compliance Training

    Compliance Training

    Our compliance team educates customers about current messaging laws and regulations, such as CTIA, MMA and TCPA, to help customers stay out of trouble - every step of the way.
  • 365-Day Live Support

    365-Day Live Support

    Every API customer gets free access to live support, via phone, email, or ticket with an average response time of 5.6 minutes rather than hours or days.
  • Custom Development

    Custom Development

    For high volume API customers, we can enhance API to fit your specific needs.
    1 SMS msg/sec
    No Phone Support
    30 SMS msgs/sec
    Fast Phone Support
    500 Credits Included
    300 SMS msgs/sec
    Priority Support

    *Setup Fee Not Included

Credit Pricing for the US

Credits Price SMS MMS*** Email
(1 Credit)
Receive* Carrier
(1 Credit)
(3 Credits)
(2 Credits)
(0.2 Credits)
500 $5 $0.010 FREE FREE $0.010 $0.030 $0.020 $0.002
5,500 $50 $0.0091 FREE FREE $0.0091 $0.0273 $0.0182 $0.0018
100,000 $800 $0.008 FREE FREE $0.008 $0.024 $0.016 $0.0016
1,000,000 $7,000 $0.007 FREE FREE $0.007 $0.021 $0.014 $0.0014
5,000,000 $30,000 $0.006 FREE FREE $0.006 $0.018 $0.012 $0.0012
10,000,000 $50,000 $0.005 FREE FREE $0.005 $0.015 $0.010 $0.0010

Credit Pricing for Canada

Credits Price SMS Email
(1 Credit)
Receive* Carrier
(1 Credit)
(0.2 Credits)
150 $5 $0.033 FREE FREE $0.033 $0.0067
1,500 $50 $0.033 FREE FREE $0.033 $0.0067
30,000 $800 $0.027 FREE FREE $0.027 $0.005
300,000 $7,000 $0.023 FREE FREE $0.023 $0.005
1,500,000 $30,000 $0.020 FREE FREE $0.020 $0.004
2,500,000 $50,000 $0.020 FREE FREE $0.020 $0.004
  • * Free as long as # of received messages do not exceed total # of credits purchased
  • ** Two-factor authentication uses 1 credit to send the authentication code, but it is FREE to authenticate it
  • *** Carrier Surcharge is an additional 3 credits for Sprint and T-Mobile
  • Pricing shown above applies to the messages within the US and Canada. For all other countries, contact us.

See How Customers Are Using Our API

  • "The price is right, and the API is straightforward. We use it to coordinate deliveries and shipments. Truckers get alerts when shipments are available to be picked up, and customers get alerts that their order is ready and on the way."

    Jonathan Shin,
    Web Application Developer Associate at Hankook Tires

  • "By combining the library system's built-in email functionality with Trumpia's SMS capabilities, we were able to notify patrons across two channels without any added cost or training for the individual libraries."

    Karl Jendretzky,
    Technology Manager at OPLIN

  • "It really was easy to get things set up quickly, and the website was pretty self explanatory for how to get everything done. Customer response has been overwhelmingly good with a lot of praise."

    Tim Pendell,
    Senior Project Manager at Zacks Investment Research

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