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Hello everyone,

This weeks play in SEGI has the best set up we have seen in weeks. The chart is set up for a massive retrace, the L2 is super thin, and the news is constant & still flowing. This stock also has the low floater aspect in its favor as well... and with a 119M float, we see moooass action is coming...

We are looking forward to the next set of updates from this entertainment company.

Sycamore Entertainment Group - The Art of Entertainment

Sycamore Entertainment Group LLC (SEGI)

This entertainment company is set for 'gold' --?

Last PR link:

Sycamore Enters "The Eye of the Storm" in Search of Oscar Gold

Sycamore Entertainment Group

About Us


Sycamore Entertainment Group represents a strategic advancement on the film distribution model. Investors will have lower downside risk with a higher upside potential than with the traditional Hollywood studio model. 


Sycamore’s overall corporate capabilities include:


  • film acquisitions
  • publicity
  • print advertising
  • billboard advertising
  • film distribution
  • online marketing



Our niche /


Currently there is a lack of distribution outlets for quality independent, art films and well-produced foreign films. The major studios have shifted focus and attention toward large blockbuster films, leaving many filmmakers struggling to get past the festival stage of their exhibition process.


Sycamore fills this need by making the best possible deals to market these films and to make smart distribution choices to get these films onto screens. The audience for such films is receptive, provided such films are available for viewing. The increasing number of cable networks and stations also is a source of outlet for such productions.



Our Product /


Sycamore helps develop, nurture and groom young, up-and-coming talented film makers and producers passionate about the industry. We assist them in the realization of their projects and the development of their motion pictures at all stages of the creative process. Our goal is to recognize the most promising of these young filmmakers and foster long-term releationships with them by engaging in one or more of the following activities:


  • reading scripts
  • critiquing pitches for film ideas
  • having scripts and film pitches submitted
  • showcasing new filmmakers in competitions conducted online resulting in the top contenders having the opportunity to assist in the direction of their film projects
  • reviewing short films directed or produced by young film makers

Entertainment Services


Sycamore Entertainment is a full-service motion picture distribution entity and provides the entertainment industry with high quality services including:  


  • Acquiring films
  • Creating marketing materials necessary for release into all formats, domestic and international; theatrical, television, home entertainment, internet and cellular phone, and all traditional non-theatrical markets.
  • Publicity and public relations
  • Placement of advertising; electronic and print
  • Placement of in-theater marketing materials
  • Theater booking services
  • Exhibitor film rental negotiation and collections
  • Film accounting service
  • Television, home entertainment and all ancillary sales
  • Full accounting service



Distribution Process /


  • Sycamore acquires all North American rights for quality specialty independent movies (indie, art, foreign language and lower budget) and releases these titles into all media formats.
  • Potential films can be sourced through film festivals, independent producers, and international film commissions.
  • In exchange for all North American rights, Sycamore can be responsible for P&A funds and 45% of all net profits.
  • The business model is designed so that Sycamore’s P&A investment will be repaid in full before the participation percentage is paid.



Distribution Opportunities /


There are many high quality independent and foreign films available for the North American market due to the closing of many distribution companies dedicated to releasing this product. Paramount Vantage, Fine Line Features, Warner Independent Pictures, Picture House and Think Films are the more prominent companies that have left this space, and the Weinstein Company has just announced that they will reduce their releases by 50% in 2010.


The producers of the films that are typically served by the departing distributors have less opportunity to realize any income from the U.S. market at the moment. Sycamore's new, innovative business model is not only an attractiv and viable solution for these film producers, the model can also provide a return between 40% - 70% on the P&A invested for each project.


Sycamore also provides full distribution services for wider release commercial films. This product will be sourced from producers as well as the talent agencies. Agencies such as CAA and WME represent projects that are important to their clients but have not secured major studio deals. Theatrical distribution is extremely important to them, and they generally provide their own P&A funds. Tim Allen, Renee Zellweger, and Michelle Pfeiffer are recent examples of this situation, and their agencies actively tried to secure a theatrical release on their behalf.


'Eye of the Storm' breakdown, and a Fact sheet...

Chart showing a retrace to 004+ is very doable -- with a little attention and volume at the ask, this stock could be this weeks breakout stock for sure.

Contact Info
  • 5555 Melrose Avenue
  • Suite 219
  • Hollywood, CA 90038

Share Structure

Market Value1 $488,951 a/o Nov 09, 2012
Shares Outstanding 222,250,465 a/o Sep 10, 2012
Float 119,471,112 a/o Sep 10, 2012
Authorized Shares 715,000,000 a/o Sep 10, 2012




EDWARD SYLVAN, Chairman and CEO, Co-Founder

Ed has served as Chairman and CEO of our company since May 2010. From 2002 up to the present Mr. Sylvan has been providing consulting services to small cap startup companies in the areas of corporate structure and finance through his privately held company Silau II Holdings Ltd. From 2000 to 2002 he was a company director with responsibilities in finance and corporate development at Beco International, a corporate finance and investor relations firm. While at Beco, he also served on the board of directors for the junior mining companies Solitaire Minerals and First Narrows Resources where he was responsible for raising capital and sourcing strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Mr. Sylvan is an active manager and lead investor with more than 20 years experience in the securities industry. Mr. Sylvan’s has worked as an equity trader for Marathon Brokerage, one of Canada’s leading junior mining investment bank and one of the most active trading firms in North America. He was one of the youngest equities traders and retail stockbroker for Scotia McLeod, a leading financial institution in Canada. We believe that Mr. Sylvan’s extensive experience in the financial industry and capital markets, as well as his leadership skills and creative ability, support the conclusion that he should serve as one of our directors.


Connect with Edward  



TERRY SYLVAN, EVP Corporate Communication, Co-Founder

Terry has served as Executive Vice President Corporate Communication of our company since May 2010. From 2007 up to the present Mr. Sylvan has been a partner in the Vancouver based advertising agency SterlingKlor Communications where he co-manages client development, business strategy and account management of marketing programs for a diverse list of B2B sector clients. From 1996 to 2007 Mr. Sylvan served as a Senior Strategic Planner and Account Director where he developed and managed traditional mass marketing, brand strategy and new media campaigns at various communications agencies including BBDO, DDB and McCann. We believe that Mr. Sylvan’s extensive experience in the communications industry and capital markets, as well as his leadership skills and creative ability, will enable him to support the corporate vision.


Connect with Terry

Google search (link)....,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=90608e72b45b1351&bpcl=38093640&biw=1440&bih=759

Places chatting about SEGI this week --

GL EVERY1, happy trading/flipping & remember to lock in those profits.....

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