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And All In One Marketing gives you 5 channels for 1 price
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Text Message From Computer

Flat-out Effective
Short codes, keywords, coupons, pictures, contact auto-capture, etc.
Targeted SMS and MMS messaging for higher responses
Connected to all major carriers
Biggest Bang For Your Buck
Wholesale SMS pricing (As low as $0.01 per text)
No contract Credits never expire
Live support 7 days a week
All-In-One Patented
Multi-channel is the future:SMS, Email, Voice, Social
Single integrated look, database & features
Used by Fortune 500s

Plus, expand your reach and enjoy greater impact by leveraging multiple channels. Our All-In-One Marketing solution lets you combine the power of mobile text with email, voice broadcast, instant messaging, and social media, all from a single integrated platform for one price.

Outperform your competition with Trumpia's ALL-IN-ONE TECHNOLOGY!
A lot of small businesses are now using mobile text as a way to efficiently interact with their vendors, partners and customers -- and achieve real results. That's not surprising, considering that smart phone usage is increasing globally.
Sending a text message from your computer is really the best way to get the attention of today's highly distracted, multi-tasking consumer. Everyone always seems to be texting from their mobile phones.

What's great about Trumpia's All-In-One Marketing platform is that it lets you take advantage of mobile text messaging, today's hottest new media channel. And at the same time, it allows you to reach 100 percent of your audience.
Let's face it. A lot of people think email is a dinosaur. Yet many others still prefer to use it to interact with their friends and favorite local businesses. It is also true that a lot of people are on Facebook. But, for some, privacy concerns have dulled the excitement of being able to connect and engage with people on the popular social media site. Young people are really in the lead when it comes to texting. Generation X increasingly relies on IM. And some would just rather receive phone calls.

A big advantage of Trumpia is that it is designed to take everyone's messaging preference into account, integrating SMS and MMS text, email, IM, voice broadcast and social media messaging into one single unified web-based platform. It's easy to send out a campaign across all these marketing channels - in a single session from the Trumpia dashboard. You can send a text message from your computer, using Trumpia, and at the same time, post your status update to Facebook, give your Twitter followers your latest comments and get that email newsletter out. You can schedule each of these messages to go out at the same time or stagger them. When you send out complementary messages at different intervals, you can orchestrate your campaign and make a notable impression in people's minds.
But before you march down that road, you'll want to build a highly targeted database. You can get people to opt-in to receive your news and invitations to special discount sales or VIP parties. Just entice them to text-in your mobile keyword like Trumpia to a short code like 95577. Be sure to advertise your mobile keyword on all your marketing materials. With fun and engaging QR Codes, people can also opt-in by scanning the code and be immediately taken to your Facebook fan page or website. With a database of people who are primed to receive your messages, you will already be far ahead of your competition.

Hosting an event? Why not think outside-of-the-box? Involve the participation of your audience using Trumpia's mobile voting feature, which allows you to ask a multiple choice question with up to ten choices. As people vote via text messaging, every vote is categorized and automatically tallied so that it's really easy for you to see and analyze the results. You can invite people to text-in their answers to questions for a chance to win a prize. Then, let the audience interact by seeing all comments instantly displayed on the screen in real-time.
Marketing your event with SMS messaging and then engaging your guests with mobile voting are just some of the ways that you can use Trumpia's powerful All-In-One Marketing platform.

So the next time you decide to send a text message from your computer, take advantage of all of today's most popular messaging channels for an All-In-One price. Sign-up now for a free 30-day trial of Trumpia by visiting www.trumpia.com or calling 1-888-707-3030 to talk to one of our knowledgeable account managers any day of the week. And prepare to make a big impression on your audience for response rates that are ten times better than you would achieve by using just one messaging channel.
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Please note that by texting a keyword to 95577, 96362, or 99000 you will receive text alerts from Trumpia. Get up to 4 messages per month. Text HELP for help.