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And All In One Marketing gives you 5 channels for 1 price
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TEXT ADVERTISING Traditional ad media aren’t what they used to be. New digital media such as mobile text and social media offer incredible promise, while conventional mediums, like print and TV, provide more of the same. Text advertising, in particular, is exciting because you can practically see your return on investment soon after you send out your promotional text message.

In fact, one way you can enhance traditional media is to add call-to-action elements using new media. For example, add "Text 2FOR1PIZZA to 95577" to your print, radio, or TV advertising for customers to redeem your special promotional offer.

Plus, Trumpia’s mobile text marketing features come with a huge bonus: integrated All-In-One Marketing. You get email, chat, voice, and even social media marketing at no additional cost. By leveraging all of today’s popular digital media, you get:

Text Advertising

Feature-Rich Text Advertising
Instantly energize business with Mobile Coupons.
Send a visually engaging picture or video using MMS messages.
Boost audience engagement and retention through interactive mobile features.
All-In-One Marketing
Reach your entire audience by integrating integrating multiple channels.
Simplify your marketing program and costs by using just one provider.
Get the latest online marketing tools and channels all in one integrated
Reliable and Risk-Free
No long-term commitments. Plans are month-to-month and credits rollover.
Ranked among Top 50 software companies by Inc. Magazine.
Live support 7 days a week.

Plus, expand your reach and enjoy greater impact by leveraging multiple channels. Our All-In-One Marketing solution lets you combine the power of mobile text with email, voice broadcast, instant messaging, and social media, all from a single integrated platform for one price.

Outperform your competition with Trumpia's ALL-IN-ONE TECHNOLOGY!
Text advertising leverages the most ubiquitous marketing device ever created - mobile phones. Thanks to SMS technology, businesses and organizations can deliver quick, high-impact messages straight to their customers, prospects, employees, and members at very little cost.

SMS text offers many benefits over more traditional forms of advertising -- lower costs, wider and more targeted reach, and a variety of ways of engaging customers. Campaigns that incorporate text advertising also deliver open rates that are 90 percent or better and response rates that are 10 times what they might be if you were to use email, direct mail, TV or print advertising alone.

It’s true that some consumers might prefer email, posts on their Facebook wall, or to just get a phone call. Yet the proliferation of mobile phones and mobile devices across the globe has made text communications the method of choice for millions of people.

But why rely on one channel, mobile marketing, when you can build a campaign that also incorporates all of today’s most popular communication channels - email, instant messaging, social media, and voice broadcast?

With a well-coordinated and timed campaign that integrates every popular messaging channel, you can realize much a stronger response from your audience and thus higher ROI. After all, broadcasting your message across multiple channels ensures that you’re reaching your audience on the channel they most access and prefer, be it text advertising or something else.

Using a system like Trumpia's All-In-One Multi-Channel Marketing platform, you'll be able to take harness the synergy of multiple marketing channels, along with SMS and MMS video and image messaging capabilities. Multi-channel messaging and marketing offer your subscribers more reasons to engage with you. Research shows that companies that provide their target audience with a greater level of personalization and choice enjoy greater response rates.

So why not create a multi-channel campaign that incorporates a variety of marketing channels? You'll want to use an integrated system that will also help you harness the power of SMS messaging – a cornerstone of the Trumpia platform – for reinforcing all of your campaigns.

Text advertising is perfect for instantly reaching customers to drive in real traffic to your business.
For example, while browsing through their local newspaper, they see your promotional ad for 10% off their next pizza. They send a text message to your mobile keyword PIZZA10 and assigned shortcode 95577. Then, they’ll automatically receive a text message with a coupon code they can redeem at your store. In addition, as soon as they text in your keyword, they’ll also be opted in to your contact database for future mobile marketing campaigns.

A text advertising campaign that utilizes other channels is more than just a sum of its parts. For example, start by posting your QR Code in a print newspaper or magazine advertisement that entices customers to connect with you by scanning the code with a QR reader mobile app. Scanning the QR code will automatically take them to your website to learn about your products and services or your latest promotion. If you want to collect more than just mobile numbers, you can embed an Online Sign-up Page that visitors can fill out with their name, email address, and other information you can configure through custom data fields.

Start thinking about text advertising in a more strategic context -- one that takes a coordinated approach to give you a competitive advantage and win the war for new customers.

Just think, a month before your next VIP sale, you can send an email to your customers and also advertise the promotion on your Facebook fan page and in-store poster. Invite people to text your mobile keyword to receive an invitation to the sale. Then, send an email reminder a couple weeks before your event. Don't forget to send a text message and/or voice broadcast the day before the event with a last-minute offer and another reminder to attend.

Trumpia's All-In-One Multi-Channel Marketing platform offers you the power of a cross-channel messaging system for a low price per text message plus email, voice, IM, and social media messages at no additional charge. So, not only do you get an enterprise-grade text advertising solution, you get a solid platform for launching a comprehensive marketing campaign that is relevant and effective.

Try our innovative text advertising and multi-channel marketing solution today free for 30 days by visiting Trumpia's website at www.Trumpia.com. You can also sign up for a free webinar by calling our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-888-707-3030. We're here to serve you 7 days a week!
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Please note that by texting a keyword to 95577, 96362, or 99000 you will receive text alerts from Trumpia. Get up to 4 messages per month. Text HELP for help.