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And All In One Marketing gives you 5 channels for 1 price
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MOBILE MARKETING In today’s busy world, people are always on the move. To get ahold of them, you need a way to deliver your message wherever they are. The answer is something that’s right in your pocket or purse -- mobile phones.

Mobile marketing lets you do what other media have a hard time doing: grabbing their attention and instantly mobilizing customers to action. Simply add "Text 2FOR1PIZZA to 95577" to your print, radio, or TV advertising. Then watch as customers come to redeem your offer the same day! With Trumpia, you can get more than a complete mobile marketing solution. From SMS and MMS to email, voice, chat, and social, all of today’s most popular marketing channels are yours for one low price.

Mobile Marketing

Feature-Rich Mobile Marketing
Engage your audience through a variety of interactive mobile features.
Boost customer traffic with Mobile Coupons.
Send visually appealing picture or video MMS messages.
Reliable and Risk-Free
Ranked among Top 50 software companies by Inc. Magazine.
No long-term contracts. Plans are month-to-month and credits rollover.
Live support 7 days a week.
All-In-One Marketing
Achieve immediate results and significant return on investment.
Increase audience reach by integrating multiple channels with just one vendor.
Easily manage your campaigns and contact database from one user interface.

Plus, expand your reach and enjoy greater impact by leveraging multiple channels. Our All-In-One Marketing solution lets you combine the power of mobile text with email, voice broadcast, instant messaging, and social media, all from a single integrated platform for one price.

Outperform your competition with Trumpia's ALL-IN-ONE TECHNOLOGY!
You've heard of Mobile Marketing. You've heard of Email Marketing. You've heard of Twitter and Facebook. And so have your competitors. Now your competitors can hear about YOU because your marketing will be better and more cost-effective with Trumpia. Meet Trumpia's All-In-One Messaging and Marketing. It’s the fastest and easiest way to beat your competition by launching Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Voice Broadcasting, and Social Messaging with a single software user interface using just your Internet browser.

Trumpia's Mobile Marketing features include a variety of engaging and revenue-building features, including Mobile Coupons, Mobile Voting, Text-to-Screen, Picture & Video Messaging (MMS), Appointment Reminders, Two-Way Messaging, and more. This suite of mobile marketing technologies give you the power to reach your audiences immediately, wherever they are, through the flexibility and convenience of mobile phones. Plus, these innovative features can be added to other proven industry tools, such as email marketing, instant messaging, and even social networks. With Trumpia's All-In-One patented technology, you can roll out coordinated campaigns with a much higher impact.

An integrated campaign can generate much better results than the sum of each message blast. Limiting yourself to one channel will limit your reach and possibilities, but adding mobile marketing gives you the tools to realize your marketing ideas. Even free Twitter users upgrade to a paid Trumpia account to leverage more powerful features designed for businesses and organizations. If you’re serious about your business, you need a tool to match your expectations for business-grade reliability and features.

People today have different preferences when it comes to modes of communication and utilize those channels for different purposes - SMS for immediate messaging, email for newsletters, IM for conferencing, and social media for interactive dialogue about specific topics. Trumpia enables businesses to utilize mobile marketing and multiple channels simultaneously in one integrated messaging platform. Plus, since everything is one place, they don’t have to shop around, putting together a patchwork collection of different vendors for all these services.
Affordability is another key criterion. Why learn, operate, and pay for multiple vendors' systems when you can have a single integrated system that does it all with Trumpia. For the same price others charge for just email marketing, mobile marketing, or social marketing, Trumpia offers all these multi-channel marketing capabilities in a single sophisticated system. It will place you ahead of the competition, and at a price that’s less than a personal mobile phone plan.

You might think that such a powerful platform might require you to be a technical expert. No problem. We’ve designed our system to be easy-to-use so that it doesn’t require you to be a computer engineer to run your mobile marketing campaign. Rather, we want you to focus on your business instead of forcing yourself to be a technical expert. Watch our training videos, attend our live webinars, and ask our 7-days-a-week support staff questions - all free-of-charge. Our intuitive user interface may even let you skip all those training sessions. Set up your account and launch your marketing campaign within minutes.

Join thousands of businesses and organizations that have benefited from using Trumpia’s industry-leading multi-channel and mobile marketing platform. Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have enjoyed great results for using or switching to Trumpia. No matter how big your campaign - whether it’s mobile, email, or social - you can rest assured that it will reach your audiences in a matter of minutes.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, we’d like to prove that our multi-channel marketing solution can deliver. Try Trumpia for 30 days to see what mobile marketing can do for your business. We’ve earned our reputation and customer satisfaction from thousands of customers, and we’d like to invite you to share in this experience. To try us out, click here or call us at 1-888-707-3030.
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