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And All In One Marketing gives you 5 channels for 1 price
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MOBILE MARKETING COMPANIES Consumer lifestyles change over time and successful marketers are the ones that can keep up. It doesn’t take much to notice that today’s consumers use a variety of communication tools in their daily lives. Mobile phones offer marketers a golden opportunity because they unify multiple channels in one convenient device.

Trumpia enables businesses and organizations to capitalize on this opportunity with the latest mobile marketing tools. From mobile keywords and coupons to mobile eCards and QR codes, you can launch a variety of marketing campaigns right from your web browser.

Then, expand your reach and ROI with the rest of today’s popular marketing channels -- email, voice, chat, and social. For the same price others charge for just email or mobile marketing alone, you can upgrade to a multi-channel marketing service that integrates it ALL for one price.

Mobile Marketing Companies

Feature-Rich Mobile Marketing
Boost customer traffic with Mobile Coupons.
Send a visually engaging picture or video using MMS messages.
Engage audiences and gather valuable customer feedback via interactive mobile features.
All-In-One Marketing
Reach your entire audience by integrating multiple communication channels.
Simplify your marketing program and costs by using just one provider.
Get the latest online marketing tools and channels all in one integrated dashboard.
Reliable and Risk-Free
No long-term contracts. Plans are month-to-month and credits rollover.
Ranked among Top 50 software companies by Inc. Magazine.
Live support 7 days a week.

Plus, expand your reach and enjoy greater impact by leveraging multiple channels. Our All-In-One Marketing solution lets you combine the power of mobile text with email, voice broadcast, instant messaging, and social media, all from a single integrated platform for one price.

Outperform your competition with Trumpia's ALL-IN-ONE TECHNOLOGY!
As a marketer, you have many choices when it comes to mobile marketing companies. There are a variety of companies that offer just SMS text. Some offer mobile keywords, standard short codes, and Quick Response (QR) code technology. Still others provide all of these features plus customized premium short codes, bulk SMS plans, and MMS video and picture messaging.

Not to mention that there are a number of other companies out there that allow for communications via single messaging channels including email and web solutions for posting to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Yet few social and mobile marketing platforms allow you to create a coordinated cross-channel messaging campaign that ensures maximum reach. Trumpia's All-In-One Multi-Channel Marketing platform, which features mobile text marketing along with instant messaging, email, social media, and voice broadcast capabilities, lets businesses of all sizes easily engage with customers in the way in which they prefer receiving their messages.

Today's intelligent marketers know that the key to business success in the new economy is being transparent with your customers -- creating products, services and offers that are relevant to them. It's also about delivering your message in a way that’s relevant and not leveraging modes of communication that are rarely used by your audiences.

According to a recent report by Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, 73% of all mobile phone owners in the US utilize text messaging to communicate. And those who do do so regularly, sending and receiving an average 41.5 messages per day. This indicates that texters are a promising and relatively untapped audience for mobile marketing companies.

What’s more, those customers who interact with text marketing campaigns willingly opt in to receive messages. Just by doing so demonstrates that they are highly motivated customers who are already well into the customer engagement cycle and just one step away from converting. They’ve read your message and have been compelled to act by texting in your keyword. They want more. They want to be involved. They want what you have to offer. At the very least, they’re interested.

Mobile marketing is a highly effective channel for its almost-universal accessibility and high rate of engagement.
Although a mobile strategy is a must-have for modern marketing, it isn’t wise to limit your options to just one channel. Consumer habits change with every new wave of technology, so it’s vital that you stay on top of trends and utilize multiple channels.

Want to really reach 100 percent of your audience? Then choose Trumpia, which stands apart from other mobile marketing companies to help you deliver your message across a variety of channels, address the communication needs of different consumers and track the success of your campaigns. In one integrated web-based platform, we offer mobile marketing companies mobile text, email, social media, voice, and chat and tools for measuring success. Communicate with your customers using the systems that they interact with most -- all from a single unified messaging system.

Choose a cross-channel messaging system like Trumpia, which leverages mobile text marketing at its core to deliver message open rates of more than 90 percent and response rates that are 10 times greater than email, print, TV, and other traditional marketing channels.

No other solution provides mobile marketing companies such a variety of interactive messaging features, including bulk/group texting, mobile keywords, two-way messaging, mobile voting, mobile coupons, and multimedia messaging, like Trumpia's All-In-One Multi-Channel Marketing and Messaging solution. You get all these features plus all five marketing channels for one affordable price.

Trumpia's platform broadens your reach across every popular messaging channel. Plus, with the ability to send a message simultaneously across multiple channels, you save time by not having to utilize multiple vendors to get your message out. Featuring a low cost per text message, you also get email, voice, IM, and social media messages at no additional charge.

Experience for yourself the benefits of mobile and multi-channel marketing after you sign up today for Trumpia's 30-day free trial. You'll realize how other mobile marketing companies can’t match our depth of features and price point. Learn more what Trumpia’s mobile marketing solution has to offer by attending of our free webinars. Our Trumpia's knowledgeable sales staff are available 7 days a week at 1-888-707-3030.
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