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Trumpia offers businesses five of the most powerful marketing channels - Mobile Text, Email, Voice,
Instant Message and Social Media
- spanning far beyond traditional marketing or even just email or
mobile marketing. See how we can help deliver better campaign results and return on investment.

  • The New 4 P's of Digital Marketing
  • Reach Out to 100% of Your Audience
  • Orchestrate Cross Channel Campaigns
  • High Impact Digital Marketing Technologies such as:

    • QR Codes
    • Mobile Keywords / Voting / Coupons / MMS
    • Facebook Widget
    • Social Media Posting
    • Instant Messaging
    • Integrated Email and Voice
  • Case Studies

    • Armory Survival Gear
    • Jamba Juice
    • Jack's Surfboards
All-In-One  Multi-Channel Marketing for Sales Success
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