Say hello to TRUMPIA 2.0 - FRESH LOOK & NEW WAYS to make Friends!

	 TRUMPIA 2.0After months in top-secret development, our creative engineers are now ready to unveil - Trumpia 2.0! With a host of new features added for social media marketing, you truly get a cutting-edge All-In-One Marketing solution. Plus, sporting a completely revamped user interface (UI), the new Trumpia dashboard is sleeker and more intuitive and powerful.


Do even more with your Facebook page through added tabs! With our Tab Editor, you can easily tack on customized pages of content about your organization, promotions, or anything else. Options like Like-gating and Coupons make your tabs even more powerful.


What if you could literally grow your audience with the click of a button? Now you can. Facebook Like-gating enables you to give your audience exclusive deals or news they can see only after they press the Like button. In return, they get automatically added to your Facebook fanbase. Also, you win valuable exposure in their news feeds whenever you post an update, giving your business instant word-of-mouth marketing.


Deals are irresistible. After all, who doesn’t want to save money? With a Facebook Coupon, you can engage and grow your Facebook audience while driving traffic to your business. Even include an automatically generated UPC barcode in the coupon for use with your existing point-of-sale (POS) system.


What is better than a successful marketing campaign? Reports and analytics to help you improve your campaign for even more success! Select any combination of premium features to fit your campaign needs and consolidate them on one simple dashboard. You can create as many campaigns as you want, and easily organize and monitor the health of your campaigns in one section.


Survey your audience on two of the most popular communication channels - mobile text and Facebook! With the combined reach of these instantaneous channels, you now maximize audience participation and gather valuable polling and customer data for more targeted campaigns in the future.


Designing Online Sign-up Pages (OSPs) is now a breeze with our completely redesigned setup wizard. And when you create an OSP, a mobile-optimized version (mOSP) is automatically generated for you! By including an mOSP in your autoresponder sent to those who text in your mobile keyword, they can register their contact information and even customized data into your contact database without you lifting a finger.


The new updated UI has a sleek, minimal design that consolidates multiple functions for easier navigation. Visual styles throughout the UI have been made uniform, pop-up tips remove clutter, and features have been simplified - all to give you a better experience.

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