Text Reminders for Appointments

TEXT APPOINTMENT REMINDERS Time is money. And in business, if an appointment doesn’t show, you’ve just missed a chance to earn that extra revenue. Instead, make sure your busines is at full capacity and generating profit with SMS appointment reminders!

Less expensive and intrusive than automated phone messages, SMS appointment reminders get the job done without all the hassle. Simply schedule your text reminders to go out at a specific date and time - and that’s it! Your staff won’t have to waste time constantly checking the calendar to make live calls to remind your customers. Now, you won’t forget the date and neither will your customers.

Schedule for success with these customizable features:
  • Schedule one-time or recurring appointments
  • Save time by creating templates for different kinds of appointments
  • Conveniently plan days, weeks, or months in advance with calendar view
Appointments, Reservations, and More
Mobile text reminders can be used for almost any industry:


Remind customers about their reservations or even send deals to celebrate their birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

Text Message reminders let customers know about their reservations


Encourage your faithful to drop by for Friday
night Bible study.

Utilize Text Reminders for Youth Groups and Ministries


Send a friendly reminder to your patients of
upcoming appointments and follow-up visits.


Send a friendly reminder to your customers
of outstanding bills.


Remind a client about his or her scheduled

Appointment Text Reminders for Beauty Salons


Remind parents of minimum days,
back-to-school nights, or important parent

Text Reminders for College Students


Notify your customers when it’s time for a check-up,
check-out, or check-in.

Appointment Reminders for Mechanic Shops

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