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Give your customers the power of Mobile Text Marketing, Multi-Channel Messaging, and Marketing Automation, all in one package. Trumpia offers your customers a single, powerful integrated dashboard for mobile text, email, social media and voice marketing, plus automated campaigns. As a White Label Reseller, your service beats other services that focus only on a single channel or require manual operations. Grow your business at triple the speed when you resell Trumpia’s Multi-Channel Messaging and Marketing Automation software. Rebrand it as your own and keep 100% of the profit. Enjoy the security of 7-day live support and extensive White Label resources to help your customers grow their own customer base.

The Benefits of Being a White Label Reseller:


    Mobile Text Marketing (SMS Marketing)

    Take advantage of SMS marketing revolution by helping your customers reach their audience wherever they may be. They can benefit from concise, memorable messages delivered through the most immediate channel. Your customers can engage them using mobile keywords, coupons, QR codes, voting, reminders, Yes/No response, picture messaging and more.
    Mobile App Marketing

    Offer your customers their very own custom mobile app, complete with their logo and brand name. They can send push notifications, coupons, run loyalty programs, and have complete 2-way conversations with their audience. And unlike SMS, mobile app messages go beyond the 160 character limit with free unlimited in-app messaging and photos. With their mobile app, the sky’s the limit.
    Multi-Channel Marketing

    In this dynamic digital world, help your customers reach their audience in the way they prefer the most, whether it’s through mobile, email, social media or voice messaging. Boost response rates and increase customer satisfaction when they communicate through ALL the popular channels instead of just one. Your customer’s biggest marketing asset is their audience. Let us help you help them reach 100% of their audience with multi-channel marketing.
    Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation has emerged as one of the fastest growing software industries. What does Marketing Automation do? Here are some examples:
    • Send a personalized birthday coupon to loyal customers 48 hours prior to the date.
    • A computer store may send a special coupon only to those who clicked on an iPhone announcement, and then send a second wave of reminders to those who have not yet redeemed that coupon.
    • A spa can fill a slow week by sending a VIP deal to those who have visited more than three times within the past six months, all automatically.
    Advanced Access Control

    Give your customers the power to control access rights for multiple users on a single account. Now they can allow an associate to redeem a coupon or add contacts, while a general manager can plan a marketing campaign.
    Multi-Location Enterprise

    As your customer’s organization expands, so do their needs and responsibilities. Security issues and compliance with corporate standards are just a few areas that may cause headaches. Trumpia offers compelling features for Multi-Location Enterprises, helping your customers increase their control and saving them from the pains that come with growth so that you can price your service substantially higher.
    Customize Your Own Product Offering

    Trumpia offers a powerful way for you to customize your own pricing plans to make your brand stand out and maximize profit. Create basic plans with a single communication channel feature like SMS texting, while premium plans include all channel features, such as email, social media and texting. Then decide if you want to include Marketing Automation and Multi-Location features with any of the plans at a premium price.
    Custom Plans and Pricing

    Dictate your own margins and maximize profits by customizing your own plans, pricings, and offers.
    • Pay wholesale rates and keep 100% profits.
    • Mix and match channels and create customized plans.
    • Set credit amounts, and keyword and credit bucket quantities and prices.
    • Set plan categories to create custom solutions for your audience.
    API Access

    Integrate Trumpia's communication and marketing function into your existing system, or resell Trumpia's API to developers to build more business. Backed by a robust infrastructure designed for reliability, scalability, and security, our APIs provide powerful and efficient ways of integrating our features with your services and applications.


    Sales Management
    • Get detailed analytics on conversions and transactions.
    • Track sales rep performances with reports on the sales brought in.
    • Monitor new accounts, active accounts, and plan changes and upgrades.
    Customer Information Management (CIM)

    Streamline customer and billing management in one robust interface. Monitor and adjust customer accounts, create UI notifications, deliver account warnings or alerts, and more.

    Advanced Support Ticketing System

    Easily offer support for your customers. For any issues that you need help handling, simply forward them directly to our Customer Support team who can directly address the issue for you.

    • Deliver important notifications.
    • Track support thread and get ticket history.


    • 7-day live support, and program guides
    • One-on-one training sessions and live webinars
    • Analytics, reports and account monitoring available to track business health
    • Vast library of marketing and sales collateral to help you land sales