Multi-Channel Messaging &
Marketing Automation

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Recommended Videos

  • 3-Minute Demo

    3-Minute Demo

    Take a brief tour of our innovative marketing platform as we walk through the ins and outs of our integrated system!
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  • Introduction to All-in-One Marketing Video

    Introduction to All-in-One Marketing

    Discover the industry's first and leading All-in-One Marketing solution that integrates all popular channels of communication so that you can reach your ENTIRE audience effectively.
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  • White Label Intro Video

    White Label Intro Video

    Take advantage of the explosive business opportunities that Trumpia's platform can present to you whether you are a marketing agency, consultant, or trend-spotting entrepreneur.
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  • Access Control Video

    Access Control Webinar

    Wish you could increase control and eliminate errors? Access Control enables you to give users access to only the data and functionality that are relevant to their job.

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  • Multi-Location Video

    Multi-Location Enterprise Webinar

    We expanded the application of Access Control to organizations with multiple departments, locations, branches, and regions. Now, you can manage data and feature access by user, role and organizational level.

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  • All-in-One Marketing Webinar

    All-in-One Marketing Webinar

    Trumpia has pioneered how organizations can realize significantly better campaign results using a multi-channel marketing approach. Find out why you should consider this new approach as many others have already seen their improved results.

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  • Mobile Marketing Features Video

    Mobile Marketing Features

    Learn how you can expand your reach, launch targeted marketing campaigns, and get increased results with Trumpia's wide range of communication channels and mobile marketing features.

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  • Mobile Marketing Features Video

    Internal Communications Video

    Keep everyone in the loop with Trumpia’s All-in-One Messaging Automation. We integrate all popular channels so you can communicate automatically and effectively with your team. Learn how to notify your team about last-minute schedule changes and mobilize messages to reach everyone on the go.

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  • Why Marketing Agencies Choose Trumpia Video

    Why Marketing Agencies Choose Trumpia

    See how Trumpia's multi-channel marketing solution helps Marketing Agencies engage consumers, launch targeted marketing campaigns, and retain more happy clients.

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Industry Videos (and More to Come)

  • Retail Success Video

    Retail Success

    Follow Tiffany's endeavor to boost business at her eco-friendly retail store with Trumpia's All-In-One Marketing platform.

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  • Restaurant Success Video

    Restaurant Success

    Check out how Paul leveraged Trumpia's All-In-One Marketing suite to transform his quiet restaurant into a local hot spot.

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  • Church Success Video

    Church Success

    Take a look at how Pastor Pete was able to increase membership and create a strong sense of community within his congregation using Trumpia's All-In-One messaging suite.

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