Mobile Text, Instant Message, Email, and Mobile Keyword: All-In-One Marketing by Trumpia


Collect Contacts

How do I build my database?

There are two major approaches to building your contact list.

Via the Internet
- Using our Online Sign-up Pages (OSP)
- Using our Embedded Sign-up Page (eOSP)
- Facebook Widget

Via Mobile Keywords
- Normal Type
- Mobile Voting Type
- Shuffle Responder Type

What is the disclosure field when creating a keyword?

In compliance to MMA regulations - when an individual opts into a distribution list - the advertiser must provide an estimate of how many messages an individual will receive in a given month.

This will not prevent you to send messages above this threshold value.

The optee will receive a text notification:

"Welcome! Msg Data rates may apply. Up to X# msg/mo. Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to cancel."

Why is my mobile keyword not working?

a. When creating a mobile keyword, the very last step would be selecting the frequency at which the auto-response message is sent to the contact after he/she texts the keyword to the short code. There are three options you can choose from in this step:

i. Only once per mobile number: If a number is already on the distribution list that is attached to this keyword, they will not receive the auto-response message.

ii. Only once every (hour, day, week, month, year): A customer can only receive the auto-response message every hour, day, week, month, or year depending on which one you choose. For example, if you select every hour and the customer texts the keyword twice within one hour, they will only receive the auto-response message once.

iii. Every time: No matter how many times the customer texts the keyword, they will get the auto-response message every time.

b. The reason a keyword might not be working when you test it is because the last step was set to “Only once per mobile number”. Again, if the number is already in the distribution list, you will not receive the auto-response message. We suggest that if you are running a test, select “Every time” in the last step. Once testing is complete, you can go back into your keyword and change the selection to “Only once per mobile number”.

Why are two messages sent out when my customer texts the keyword, and can I remove the REPLY STOP to cancel?

When someone texts a keyword for the first time, there are two messages that are sent to their phone: the "Welcome standard data rates may apply" message and the auto-response message which you created. The “Welcome standard data rates may apply” message is a requirement mandated by the MMA guidelines and our contract with our  supported phone carriers. However, due to this requirement, it will not cost you any text credits. In addition - the “REPLY STOP to cancel” is required and therefore must appear on every message that is sent to a contact.

Send Messages

Will subscribers receive multiple messages if they are listed in more than one of my distribution lists?

No. Our system recognizes if the same contact has been added to multiple distribution lists. If you send a message to two or more distribution lists that contain repeat contacts, those contacts will receive only ONE message.

Why did some of my messages fail?

i. The text message was sent to a landline. In some cases, consumers may have provided you with their landline number, which is not capable of receiving messages. Therefore, to help resolve this situation, we highly recommend that all customers use our filter landlines feature which is located under the “Manage Contacts” section. This feature will filter out any landline numbers from the list of phone numbers you upload to the site.

ii. Carriers are blocking third party messaging from being sent to the phone number. To help resolve this particular situation, the contact must call their phone carrier and ask to have third party messaging be sent to their phone.

iii. The phone carrier is unsupported. Although we do support all major phone carriers and some smaller ones like Boost and Metro PC, there are some instances where the carrier does not support third party messaging. The same is also true for prepaid phones.

Is there a cost difference between SMS and MMS?

Yes, because of the file size that is being sent, there is a cost difference in terms of text credits between SMS and MMS. A regular SMS text blast, which includes simple plain text and up to 160 characters will cost 1 text credit per mobile number it is sent to. A MMS text blast, which includes long text messages (160 characters and more), picture, and video, will cost 3 text credits per mobile number sent to.

Please note: Not all US carriers or mobile devices support MMS.

Manage Account Questions

Does Trumpia provide us with a list of phone numbers that we can add to our list?

No. Trumpia has a strict opt-in subscription policy. The contact information you are approved to upload must consist of your own customer database. In other words, only people who have voluntarily opted in can be a part of your distribution lists.

When I sign up for a Trumpia account, am I locked into a contract for a designated period?

No. Unlike our competitors, you are not locked into any contract.

In other words, you may cancel your account with Trumpia at any time. However, we do offer substantial discounts for those who are interested in prepaying for 6 to 12 months.

Please contact us if you would like to cancel your account: +1 888-707-3030

Premium Features

When and how can I change my keyword?

You may have as many keywords as your plan allows.

You can add and delete at anytime. You don't change an existing keyword - but rather delete the old then add the new.

If you require additional keywords, you may choose to upgrade your plan, or call +1 888-707-3030.

How do I create a Facebook Sign-up Page?

Go to Collect Contacts -> Create A New Online Sign-up Page.
Check the box for Facebook Sign-up Page and complete all required fields.

* Note: In order to create a Facebook Sign-up Page, you must first have your Facebook account(s) connected to your Trumpia account. You can link your accounts by clicking on ‘My Account’ and going to ‘Social Networking Accounts’

How do I view the results of my mobile voting campaign?

Once a mobile voting campaign has been created and is active, you can view REAL TIME results by going to the “Mobile Voting” home screen, scrolling down to the “Recent History” box, and clicking “Report” next to the campaign you wish to view results.

How do contacts redeem coupons?

After a coupon campaign has been created, you will be provided with a redemption link that you can forward to any of your sales clerks. When contacts receive their coupon code, which is unique to each mobile number, they can just present the text with the code to the clerk at which point the clerk will enter the code as well as the mobile number on the redemption site.

General Trumpia Questions

What if I want to change or cancel my account?

To change your account settings, please go to ‘Account’ on your Trumpia dashboard.

If you wish to cancel, please submit a support ticket from your account.