CAMPAIGN MANAGER - Run Customized Campaigns that Fit Your Business. Track Your Success with Campaign Reports.

CAMPAIGN MANAGERView comprehensive analytics and reports on all your campaigns with a personal dashboard for each campaign. Simply pick and choose features from the platform and Trumpia will consolidate and organize them in one campaign dashboard for easy management and reporting. That way, you simplify your marketing efforts and make tracking and monitoring campaign much easier.


  • Choose specific features that garner the best responses from your audience.
  • Get snapshot reporting on your campaign health to see progress on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.
  • Conveniently run multiple campaigns at one time.
  • Evaluate all your campaigns with reports and analytics on opt-in rates, click-through rates, and more.


  • Subscribers. View how many people have opted-in to your contact database.
  • Delivery reports. Analyze SMS, email, and voice messages results.
  • Date range statistics. Evaluate statistics during any segment of time during your campaign.
  • Social media reports. See how well your social media posts circulates amongst your audience by tracking likes, shares, tweets, and more.

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