Run a digital loyalty program through both
Mobile App and SMS, with full
marketing automation.

Retain more customers automatically with your own branded loyalty rewards program. Replace cumbersome and easily misplaced paper punch cards with the elegance of a mobile program. Trumpia's digital solution helps you reach 100% of your customers by leveraging both commonly used text messaging, and up-and-coming mobile app technologies. Your loyalty rewards program is no longer limited to just those willing to download mobile apps. And with Marketing Automation, your program automatically runs itself, and collects data so you can target more personalized messages and offers.

Trumpia's Loyalty Program

  • Compatible with any phone through SMS,
    or smartphones with a downloaded app.
  • Customers sign up using QR codes or mobile keyword text-ins.
  • Automate alerts and promotions with customizable Marketing Automation features.

Competitor Programs

  • Limited to smartphone users who are willing to download apps, alienating those without QR scanning or mobile app capabilities.
  • NOT fully integrated with texting and email.
  • Automation features are limited and not configurable.

The Trumpia Rewards Advantage:

Branded Rewards App

Launch your own mobile app, complete with your brand name and logo on it.

  • Boost customer loyalty with access anytime, anywhere.
  • Create your app without the exorbitant development costs & time investment.
  • Don't relinquish control to a third-party loyalty network.
  • Control data and feature access across multiple locations.

24/7 Marketing Automation

Trumpia's powerful marketing automation eliminates the repetitive drudgery of sorting and sending while intelligently targeting personalized messages and offers.

  • Alert customers automatically when they earn enough points for a reward.
  • Offer coupons individually for the items each customer is most interested in.
  • Send individually relevant announcements based on past behavior.
  • Save time and energy with around-the-clock automated campaigns.

Cross-Channel Advantage

Trumpia gives you more than just a rewards program. You get a complete cross-channel marketing platform purposed to drive customers to your door.

  • Reach every contact through texts, app, email, social media, and even recorded voice.
  • Entice customers with rewards and digital coupons via multiple channels.
  • Cross-channel marketing lets you strategically reach each customer through an orchestration of more than just one channel.


Trumpia's loyalty rewards software automatically tracks and reports customer behavior in real time.

  • See which rewards work best to improve your program.
  • Get instant stats on rewards point distribution, average points per subscriber, and membership growth.


Here's how Clara's coffee shop uses Trumpia's loyalty-rewards software:
  • Clara decides that for every 10 beverages her customers buy, they get one free.
  • She then uses store signage, local ads, and print collateral like fliers, cups, and business cards to publicize her mobile keyword "BEANS" and her QR code generated specifically for her rewards program.
  • Clara can set Trumpia to track which customers haven't visited in three weeks and sends them an enticing coupon for 50% off any drink. The Trumpia difference is that Clara can set these marketing tasks to run automatically instead of doing them manually every time.
  • Clara then selects more features in Trumpia's array of powerful marketing tools to further promote her mobile keywords and engage her customers with targeted messages, coupons, mobile voting, and social media. For example, Clara conducts a mobile voting campaign to see if the drink of the week's key ingredient should be lavender or brown sugar.
  • Clara keeps tabs on her rewards program with easy-to-read graphs tracking the numbers of new and repeat rewards-program customers as well as the total number of program members. She also keeps track of total points earned and redeemed.