Go digital with your rewards program,
offering both Mobile App and SMS

Brand your very own loyalty rewards program via Trumpia’s mobile app or SMS. Paper-punch and plastic cards are easy to lose and bulky to carry. With Trumpia, all your customer needs is any mobile phone - smartphone (Android or iPhone) or conventional.

Customize your loyalty rewards program and give special rewards to your top customers so they feel appreciated. You can also drive traffic by sending automated messages that notify customers about their point status, like when they’re just one point away from a reward.


  • Compatible with any phone using either QR Codes or mobile keyword text-in.
  • Grow your marketing database and promote using built-in automation features.
  • Engage customers using integrated SMS, Email, Social, and Voice in addition to Mobile App.


  • Limited to only smartphone users, isolating those who do not have QR scanning or mobile app capabilities.
  • Loyalty program runs in isolation from other marketing activities and returns lower ROI.
  • No comprehensive texting, email, or social media marketing capabilities available.

What is Loyalty Marketing Automation?

Unlike others, our Loyalty Program works with Marketing Automation to make your job a whole lot easier and take your loyalty marketing program beyond just tracking points. After all, building customer loyalty is only one element of your overall marketing campaign.

For example, Trumpia can automatically separate your targets into distinct groups by sorting customers based on behaviors such as those who often redeem points vs those who take a year to fulfill an incentive. You can also automatically send a text reminder or email when they only need one more point to redeem a prize. The possibilities are endless with a loyalty-based marketing that runs automatically, so you can focus on your business.

Reporting System

Quickly and easily analyze stats on point distribution, average points for each member group, and membership growth. See which customers haven’t visited in a while, or reward daily members with exclusive deals.


It’s much more cost effective to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Trumpia’s Loyalty marketing software Program boosts repeat businesses, keeping them coming back for more and building brand loyalty.


Go green and save green, all at the same time. Since everything’s digital, there’s nothing to print and nothing to store in a purse or wallet. It also greatly decreases the chance they’ll leave it at home since all they need to remember is their phone.


Not every customer carries a smartphone, and old phones can’t access mobile apps but are able to send and receive SMS. Offer more flexibility by running your loyalty marketing program through both SMS and your mobile app. Now, all of your customers can participate.


To grow your business, you need to run marketing campaigns, offer redeemable coupons, interact with your customers, and be able to communicate in multiple directions via SMS, push notifications, emails, social posts, and even voice calls. Trumpia gives you all this and more.



Here’s how Clara’s coffee shop, The Coffee Grind, could use Trumpia’s loyalty program software:
  • Clara first decides that for every 10 drinks her customer buys, they get one free.
  • She then posts her mobile keyword, “BEANS”, and QR code generated specifically for her loyalty program around her shop and in local ads. Customers join her rewards program by texting in "BEANS" or scanning her QR code.
  • Clara tracks which customers haven’t visited in a while and sends them an enticing “20% off any drink” coupon to bring them back. A key difference with Trumpia is that Clara can automate these marketing activities instead of having to do them manually.
  • Clara then leverages Trumpia’s other powerful marketing tools to promote and engage her loyal customers using targeted messages, mobile keywords, coupons, voting, and social tools. For example, Clara could take a vote on if the Daily Grind’s drink-of-the-week’s key ingredient should be lavender or brown sugar.
  • She keeps tabs on her program with easy-to-read graphs that track the number of new, repeat, and total loyalty customers, as well as the breakdown of total points earned or redeemed.