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  • Retail

    Drive traffic through your doors with enticing digital coupons delivered via SMS, email, Facebook, and your very own Mobile App. Also, create a customizable mobile rewards program to keep customers coming back for more.

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  • Restaurants

    Fill empty tables with a picture message containing your monthly specials, alert customers to special promotions, personalize birthday coupons, and run a mobile loyalty program to reward your regulars.

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  • Financial Services
    Financial Services

    Cultivate trust through the most reliable communication channel: SMS. With an array of engagement and security features, assure your clients their finances will be safeguarded and they will stay informed no matter where they may be.

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  • Religious Org
    Religious Org

    Stay connected with your congregation. You can text inspirational passages to lift spirits and send event alerts to ensure attendance. Then, send an e-newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date.

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  • TV/Radio/Mags

    Encourage listeners to text in song requests, shout outs, polls, and contest entries. Send traffic alerts with a sponsor message. Hold merchandise or concert ticket giveaways to quickly collect contact information.

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  • Real Estate
    Real Estate

    Collect house-hunters' phone numbers based on their interests, and alert them when a matching property is listed or having an open house. Or, have property specs and pricing automatically sent when a potential buyer texts in a property code.

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  • Marketing Agencies
    Marketing Agencies

    Ensure your clients are reaching 100% of their customers by giving them the most popular communication channels - SMS, email, Facebook, voice calls, and their own branded Mobile App. Help them send enticing digital coupons and set up a mobile loyalty program.

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  • Schools (K-12)
    Schools (K-12)

    Alert parents about school closures before they even walk out the doors. Send a text on the day of an important game to boost school spirit. Also, send important reminders or policy changes.

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  • Universities/Colleges

    Send your alumni newsletters and fundraising event reminders, and special alerts based on which extracurriculars they were in involved previously. Also, send critical alerts to your students and staff when needed.

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  • Medical Services
    Medical Services

    Cut down on no-shows by scheduling appointment reminders to be sent the day before. You can also sort patients based on their primary physician, and send them alerts when their doctor takes a vacation.

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  • Clubs/Promoters

    Message everyone about special upcoming events or guest performers. You can even sort your customers based on their favorite music genre to send more relevant alerts and invites.

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  • Clubs/Promoters
    Non-Profit Organizations

    Keep donors up-to-date on how your operations are going and invite them to special events. Organize your field canvassers and volunteers based on where they live, so you can rally your troops whenever you need them.

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