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FACEBOOK LIKE-GATINGThere’s nothing like having your own fans spark word-of-mouth marketing and drive traffic to your business!

The number of Likes on your Facebook fan page measures how effective your social marketing campaign is. But with so much competition on Facebook these days, people need a compelling reason to Like your page and become fans. Like-Gating is a tool that uses Facebook Tabs to provide incentives for your audience to start engaging with your business, beginning with a simple Like!

Like-Gating Benefits:

  • Build your social fan base by offering incentives to fan page visitors
  • Use the Tab Editor to design a customized Facebook Tab or select from our professionally designed templates
  • Increase brand visibility and popularity by having your updates automatically appear on fans’ news feeds

Leverage today’s most popular social network to get the most out of your social marketing campaigns. There are nearly 1 billion active Facebook users to date. Take advantage of that to increase your bottom line! With every Like you get for your Facebook fan page, you increase brand awareness and start developing a network of customers through social media!


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  • Choose from different templates for your Facebook page

Design your own Facebook Tab with our HTML editor or choose from one of our stylish templates.

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