Capture valuable data with mobile keywords and retarget customers

Keyword Data

Introduces an innovative way to gather much more than just your customers’ mobile numbers with keyword opt-ins. Customers can text in their first and last names, email address, screen name, and even custom data to be automatically entered into your distribution lists. With multiple types of contact information available at your fingertips, you can better tailor and target your marketing messages!

Do More with Keyword Data Capture:

  • Target your messages and hone in on your customers by filtering targets based on the additional information you collect through Keyword Data Capture
  • Customer responses are automatically stored to easily grow your database
  • Send personalized promotional offers to drive traffic and build rapport
  • No need for multiple forms or manual input to collect contact info. Do it all with a mobile keyword!

Conventional mobile keyword technology only allows you to collect campaign participants’ mobile numbers. Now, with ONE KEYWORD, you can categorize and store various customer information to broaden your marketing reach!

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  • Easily create your new mobile sign-up keyword

Create a mobile keyword that your customers text in to opt-in to your database and get an automated

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