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Businesses from all around have been running successful campaigns with Trumpia! From all industry types and business sizes, Trumpia has worked with them all. See for yourselves!

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  • “Trumpia with its excellent service has brought us into the 21 century! The customer service is quick, polite and informative.”
    Richard, Reach the Nations Kingdom Academy
    “What impressed me most about Trumpia was the ease in setting up automatic reminders, and the ability to save our contacts in easy-to-access distribution lists!”
    Beth, Parents Helping Parents
  • “Since we started using Trumpia, we have increased our sales by 50%!”
    Amanda, Bellezza Tanning & More LLC
    “Trumpia beats all other SMS marketing services hands down. Where else can you send out a message and get such a quick return?”
  • “We love that we can share our announcements via text, emails, and Facebook all from one place. Our students (and parents) love getting text messages updates and having that information at their fingertips.”
    Jin, Ultimate Tae Kwon Do Academy
    “Trumpia provides excellent customer service and technical help when I need it, and are always available to help me with any problems that I have at any time.”
    Mary, Ms.5-Star Entertainment
  • “Setting up each email or text is extremely easy making immediacy something in-reach for the first time since starting our e-marketing campaigns!”
    Sally, Wright Broadcasting, Inc.
    “I was so happy to find a communications service provider that provides marketing on multiple mediums. Trumpia is a staple in all of my marketing campaigns.”
    Melkia, A2DY Assistant Today
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