SMS Marketing Mixes-In Generosity to Boost Profits

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A simple act of kindness can go a long way.  This idea is nothing new.  But it’s one that is vital to business success. It’s the little things — those small and frugal – yet powerful gestures that matter the most. The bottom line, as Fred Reichheld discusses in a recent Harvard Business Review article, is that businesses must abide by the golden rule – intelligently and purposefully – if they want to make an impression.

It’s interesting to consider this in the context of mobile and multi-channel marketing. For some small businesses, a little consideration has allowed them to rapidly grow their mobile text marketing database – getting people to text in their mobile keyword or scan their QR Code. One sandwich shop reports that it now offers a free drink or cookie to every customer who scans the franchise’s QR Code at the point of purchase. The same sandwich shop, Quiznos in Arizona, says that it recently began offering a free sandwich monthly to every customer who frequently purchases from the business and is a member of the business’s texting club.

The Harvard Business Review article also goes on to talk about one client service representative who really gave her customer something that she could remember. After overhearing a conversation that this customer was having in the background during their troubleshooting phone call – stating that she was hungry — the customer service representative ordered a pizza. The representative had this pizza delivered to the customer – all while she was on the phone.

Yes, it’s true that any successful SMS marketing campaign or any type of marketing or advertising campaign, for that matter, is about what you have to say. But it’s mostly about what you have to offer and anything extra you have to give. Keeping this in mind, business’s that go the extra mile to put a smile on the face of their customer will end up winning hands down – every time.

In today’s economy, it’s not all about price. Success is all about building a following of loyal customers. By engaging people on a personal level with mobile text marketing – furthering that relationship with mobile coupons and other compelling offers — you’ll be able to put stock in doing a good turn towards your very best customers.