Hike Your Mobile-Marketing Play!

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If you’re like me and take notice of all the quirky commercials aired during football games, you’ll notice that many advertisers are rushing towards digital and mobile marketing.  And with millions tuned in for the game, the reach is phenomenal.

Here’s how you can take advantage of the spirited football season to bring in business:

  • Deliver mobile coupons to fellow fans, advertising product deals or dining specials.
  • Engage your audience by hosting a multi-channel voting poll for your audience on which team will win this week.
  • Set up a text-to-screen in your store or restaurant for people to comment on their favorite teams. Plus, you’ll also collect contact info!
  • Post QR codes on your signage to link fans on Facebook, where they can redeem like-gated Facebook coupons for exclusive deals.

Get your fans pumped for this season with multi-channel marketing!