Get Personal With These Tips for Mass Texting

Mass texting opens the door to widespread marketing approaches, and your business, when powered by Trumpia, can get closer to the buyer while staying true to mobile marketing automation.

Modern consumers are constantly texting. Between 95 and 98 percent of texts are read within minutes of receipt, and approximately 86 percent of consumers receive or send a text message per week. Considering the sheer numbers powering SMS marketing, it’s no surprise great mass text campaigns have begun.

While automated text senders hit big audiences, it’s important to narrow down your platform’s scope to make personal connections. Below, we discuss the best tips surrounding the strategy, one step at a time.


Tip One: Segment Your Text Distribution Lists

To create personalized texting experiences, you should first organize your consumer base into easily targetable lists. If you’re organized, you’ll be productive. Once you’ve pre-defined your consumer groups, you’ll be able to send specific messages particular to each individual listed.

Use a contact list utility to segment your contacts, and separate them based upon emailing, text messaging and social media preferences. Additionally, you should add and import contacts you’ve already gathered from previous campaigns. Once your contacts have been imported, define them with as much information as possible to ensure each consumer group is separated by behavior, buying preferences and your campaign’s needed demographics.



Tip Two: Send Specific Messages to Increase Relevancy

While segmenting your audience is important, relevancy is vital to creating personalized connections. Getting personal extends well beyond addressing the buyer by his or her first name. You need to include personalized details within your text’s body to get the point across. Look into your demographics data, and incorporate personalized messages into each segment group. A few examples are:

  • “Attention dog owners!”
  • “Welcome to the neighborhood!”
  • “Your product is running out. Check out these great deals!”

By attaching personalized details to your consumer’s texts, you’ll be dynamic. Dynamic content—such as content derived from previous purchase information, likes, dislikes and behavior recordings, drives personalized text marketing. Moreover, it resonates with consumers over long periods of time.

Check out this article on local business benefits of text marketing services. Local businesses, surprisingly, are leaders in personalized SMS marketing. Because they cater to locals, they’re always on top of area-specific references and strategies.


Tip Three: Keep Messages Short, Sweet and Simple

You’re in luck: 54 percent of consumers have already opted in to branded SMS offers. Of those who’ve opted in, as many as 91 percent find such offers useful. Unfortunately, high numbers create high competition. As an SMS marketer, you need to create a quick, intuitive text message your consumer will love.

While bulk SMS campaigns don’t necessarily hinder the length of sent-out texts, you should still be mindful of the consumer’s intention span. Don’t riddle them with long walls of text. Rather, include facts, benefits and personalized offers. Check out the following examples, straight from one of the personalized text portions used above:

  • “Attention dog owners! Check out our 20% off deal online! Lasts until Friday. For more info, check out our website.”
  • “Welcome to the neighborhood! For great location-based offers from our restaurant, type ‘YES.’”
  • “Your product is running out. Check out these great deals at”

See? By keeping messages short, you include necessary information while utilizing a forward, energetic approach. A lot of mobile users have pre-text banner alerts. You want them to be able to see each text on their home screen. If your message is too long, the consumer will see a cut-off wall of text. They’ll be a lot less open to even checking your message.


Tip Four: Include a Call-to-Action

Your text message’s final offer should be a good one. If you want your SMS campaign to stand out, you need to end every text with an unrivaled offer. To become a call-to-action expert, however, you need to know what the consumer wants more than anything.

Really, they want privacy above buyer’s benefits. While awesome offers do entice consumers, the mobile consumer isn’t ready to openly accept everything entering their phone. In future years, they’ll lighten up. For now, however, you need to ensure total privacy within your call-to-action lines.

Focus on opt-out opportunities, and never suggest a consumer is receiving an offer whether they accept or not. Remember: Your call-to-action should promise the following:

  • A focus on your brand
  • A direction to contact
  • Urgency (such as a time limit)

Your call-to-action should similarly reflect your text’s total message without being redundant. In general, creating contact information with a little urgency will grab the consumer. Several examples of great calls-to-action include:

  • “Don’t wait! Offer ends Friday. Call (888)-888-8888 to redeem your offer!”
  • “Head to to check out more great deals.”
  • “Your 20% discount is ready. Simply call or text (888)-888-8888 before it expires!”

Tip Five: When In Doubt, Find Examples

Great strategists learn from others. SMS marketing campaigns are incredibly flexible, so no strategy is identical. By examining the pros at work, however, you can ensure a rock-solid approach to consumer connection.

Several great examples rest in the restaurant industry. Because restaurants rely heavily on local details, amenities and buyers, their text campaigns tend to be incredibly personal.  Prizes and other benefits are part of the resort’s strategy, as the establishment was able to locate each attendee’s biggest brand desires.


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Trumpia’s Mass SMS Service

Additionally, future bulk text marketers are urged to check out Trumpia’s Mass SMS Service. The ability to send mass MMS and SMS offers through a well-organized and innovative platform is a rewarding one. Already, big-name brands like Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, LinkedIn and Jamba Juice have engaged Trumpia’s awesome targeted communications program.

Capable of offering the most immediate, direct and affordable connection utilities around, Trumpia’s platform lets marketers connect with local residents the right way, inspiring buyers with great deals, custom-tailored offers and loyal connectivity.

As a brand grows, buyer recognition and loyalty are incredibly valuable. Trumpia’s powerful toolkit generates an environment conducive of long-lasting consumer relationships. Each automated communications tool ensures maximum outreach while retaining personalized messages. It’s one of the world’s most complete texting solutions, and it’s always available to message the right people at the right time.


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