Black Friday is One Week away! Where’s your Marketing?

Black Friday Day is Almost Here! Thanksgiving dinner has been tucked away, and your customers will be ready for the second festivity of the week: Black Friday. If you’ve done the homework, your contact list will be full of subscribers that have been kept up-to-date with your news and Black Friday developments, and are now…



Loyalty Marketing: Making the Customer First Every Time

Loyalty Marketing: Making the Customer First Every Time   Out of the 7 billion people on this planet, there is not one person that wants to be treated as just “one of 7 billion”. It’s why marketing today is changing currents from traditional marketing (think mass advertising) to building customer rapport and relationship (think personalization).…



Mobile App Auto-Detection Announcement

Embed an Auto-Detectable Link to your Mobile App Send customers to the appropriate App Store when clicking your download link.  With our newly updated Mobile Keyword Auto Response feature, you can now embed a link that directs customers to your Mobile App. Trumpia will automatically detect your subscriber’s mobile device and send them to the…



PointBurst Spreads TED×’s “Ideas Worth Doing” Case Study

Text to Vote Campaign at TEDxOrangeCoast Lead to a Unanimous Win! PointBurst found what they needed in Trumpia. Using our platform, they created a different keyword for reach team at the TEDxOrangeCoast Annual Conference. With Trumpia, PointBurst was able to run a successful text-to-vote campaign for the Teen Challenge in real-time. With about 20,000 people in…



12 Mobile Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

12 Mobile Marketing Statistics You Need to Know “Mobile Marketing” has become somewhat of an umbrella term, covering a huge scope of different ways to market to consumers on their mobile devices. From SMS text marketing to delivering mobile-optimized emails, and even making mobile purchases, the possibilities of what can be done via mobile has…



The Black Friday Clock is Ticking!

Black Friday Countdown 2014 – 2 weeks left! Where’s your Marketing Strategy at? If you have to babysit your marketing campaign, you might get overwhelmed, shirk other pressing duties, or end up giving up on your marketing campaign. You really just need to sit down a sec and think about what you want to do,…


Misconceptions Surrounding Marketing Automation for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Misconceptions Surrounding Marketing Automation for Small and Medium-sized Businesses The words “Marketing Automation” have become commonplace in the business and marketing world. Its capabilities help companies and marketers reach goals and execute strategies that have once been time-consuming and complicated. And yet many firms have hold off on incorporating Marketing Automation in their marketing campaigns!…



Get Ready for Cyber Mondays

Everyone’s Favorite Monday is coming!! Let’s face it, Monday is not the most popular day of the week. It even gives Sunday evening a bad name. But once a year, it redeems itself. And for the first time, people are looking forward to it, putting it in competition against the all-time favorite, Friday. That Monday…



Mobile App for Beauty Service Industry

The Next Big Thing for the Beauty Service Industry: Your Own Mobile App   If you think that your beauty salon is too small for its own Mobile App, think again! If your business services people who are interested in regularly pampering themselves and maintaining their appearance, getting a Mobile App shouldn’t be far off…


Hankook Tires gain Traction with Trumpia

Hankook Tires – a Leader in Performance Tires uses Trumpia Trumpia’s API delivers in Real-Time! Hankook Tires found a solution in Trumpia’s API. Touted as “very cost effective” by Jonathan Shin, the Web Application Developer Associate at Hankook Tires, they used Trumpia to bolster communication between themselves, and their truck drivers and customers. Trumpia’s system easily…


Hike Your Mobile-Marketing Play!

If you’re like me and take notice of all the quirky commercials aired during football games, you’ll notice that many advertisers are rushing towards digital and mobile marketing.  And with millions tuned in for the game, the reach is phenomenal. Here’s how you can take advantage of the spirited football season to bring in business:…


Happy Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday! Too early? We think not! In fact, by the time November 1st hits, store fliers and ads will start flooding the airwaves, your mailbox, and more. It’s a given, Black Friday is all but an official holiday! With that said, it’s wise to start thinking about and planning your Black Friday moves,…