Test & Measure your Mobile Campaign Performance with SMS Click-Through

Posted in Company Announcements by Trumpia on July 17th, 2014 at 9:55 am

Introducing SMS Click-Through Tracking! This new feature lets you embed a URL link into your text messages and track who clicked it, so you can analyze your campaign’s effectiveness. Here’s some ways you could benefit from SMS Click-Through Tracking.

1) Measure what percentage of your subscribers who received the link actually opened it.

2) Test 2 different link offers and compare which one outperforms. For example, see if “⅓ off a regular priced item” is a more enticing offer than “2 for the price of one”.

3) Create a mobile keyword that sends back an auto-response with an embedded link to your website or mobile app and track who downloads it.

4) Filter the subscribers who’ve clicked certain links once or multiple times and then send more targeted messages.  For example, send an enticing Nike promotion or product introduction to only those who clicked on a Nike link in previous campaigns.

5) Create a voting campaign with a targeted link in each auto-response. Here’s an example of how a cell phone retailer could use SMS Click-Through Tracking.

a) To begin, the retailer texts “Do you prefer Androids or iPhones?”.

b) Depending upon their answer, the auto-response would include a link directing the customer to the store’s offering of Androids or iPhones.

c) Additionally, our system would keep track of who clicked on which link, allowing the store manager to create more targeted campaigns in the future.   SMS Click-Through Tracking is a simple yet powerful feature that enhances both Messaging and Marketing Automation capabilities.

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Multi-Location Messaging and Marketing Just Got Better With Our Feature Upgrade

Posted in Company Announcements,Industry News,Trumpia Features by Trumpia on May 30th, 2014 at 11:53 am

We’re excited to announce that Trumpia is upgrading our system with a new and improved version of our Multi-Channel Messaging and Marketing Automation for Multi-Location Enterprises. Enjoy the added sophistication and flexibility to our access control for data and features for organizations with multiple branches or departments.

With this upgraded version, you can use a master account to allocate marketing resources such as message credits, mobile keywords, contact lists, social media followers and available user log-ins to each of your locations, departments or branches based on the best possible corporate budget allocation.

The master account can even allocate features according to each branch or division’s need to manage different aspects of multi-channel messaging and marketing. For example, your New York office may be granted access to all SMS, email and Facebook marketing capabilities, along with redeemable coupons and loyalty program rewards to give to customers. The level of its contact database and text message credits may also be set higher than branches located in non-metropolitan areas.

Learn more about this feature upgrade and the other tools Trumpia offers at www.trumpia.com, or call 1-888-707-3030.

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