Five Tedious Marketing Tasks Anyone Can Now Automate

Take Advantage of these 5 Automation Tools Time is money, and every minute spent on tedious marketing tasks is a minute you could spend elsewhere. But without these tasks, marketing campaigns can fall flat and unsuccessful. Fortunately, Trumpia offers marketing automation technologies that carry out these day to day chores for you. Here are 5…


Call Center

The Convenience of Landline Texting

Landline Texting Makes Communicating with Your Business Convenient Communication has been forever changed. Where calling once stood alone as the dominant (albeit only viable) form of instant communication, texting has rapidly caught up. And it’s not hard to see why texting has had such a dramatic rise in popularity. Texting gets your message across instantly,…



Features Update – Cross Channel Appointment Reminders

Cross Channel Appointment Reminders   Introducing our newest update to our appointment reminders feature, cross-channel appointment reminders! This update lets you send appointment reminders through more channels than ever before – SMS, MMS, email, mobile app, and even voice calls. Here are just a few of the benefits you could have from this update. By…



How Texting Prevents DUIs in Delaware – Case Study

Delaware’s Office of Highway Safety “gets away” with preventing DUIs. The Office of Highway Safety in the beautiful state of Delaware successfully prevented the loss of thousands of lives from drunk drivers by intelligently enabling texting to build awareness of the consequences of driving drunk. Learn more about how text messaging can promote your cause. “So…



New Landline Texting Feature from Trumpia

We have a great new feature for you today that could dramatically streamline your communications between you and your customers. We call it Landline Texting, and it enables your regular business or toll-free number to send and receive text messages. Do you have customers who want to reach your business with their simple questions through…



Take Back Your Control

Take Back Your Control Is your business expanding? As you grow, so will your need for control and security. Fortunately, Trumpia’s Multi-Location tools are engineered to give you just that in two ways: Set separate access rights to data and features for each location in your company. Don’t want any branch sending coupons? You can…