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    Text Delivery Reports(Last Updated : 01/11/2017)

    Text Delivery Reports

    DR Code Description
    DR000 Success.
    DR001 This subscriber sent a STOP command to unsubscribe from future messages.
    DR002 The gateway is not routing messages to this network prefix.
    DR003 Phone number has been deactivated by its carrier.
    DR004 There was an error attempting to deliver the message to this subscriber's carrier.
    DR005 The messaging gateway failed to deliver the message to the phone provided.
    DR006 This subscriber's phone number is invalid and cannot be messaged.
    DR007 The SMS component of the message is greater than the allowed 160 characters or 70 Unicode characters.
    DR008 The message expired and was not delivered to the subscriber.
    DR009 The subscriber is blacklisted by the carrier from receiving messages. Common reasons include payment delinquency or suspension for behavior.
    DR010 The message was not sent due to a temporary system error. If it persists, please contact us.
    DR011 This subscriber was originally accepted by the carrier, but has subsequently become undeliverable.
    DR012 An unknown carrier error has prevented the message from being delivered successfully.
    DR013 This subscriber is on a carrier that does not support text message deliveries.
    DR014 Due to TCPA regulations, subscribers may not be contacted after 9PM and before 8AM, local time.
    DR015 SMS could not be delivered due to a phone error. For example, the phone does not support SMS or is illegally registered on the network.
    DR016 SMS could not be delivered due to a temporary phone issue. For example, the phone is low on memory or is turned off.
    DR017 Unknown reason.