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    Email Delivery Reports(Last Updated : 01/11/2017)

    Email Delivery Reports

    DR Code Description
    DR100 Success.
    DR110 This message cannot be sent to the subscriber due to an invalid email address.
    DR111 Message was blocked due to spam content.
    DR112 The message cannot be sent. The size of the message exceeds the limits configured in either the sending or receiving email system.
    DR120 The subscriber's email account is inactive. This can be due to an account suspension.
    DR121 The receiving email server has been rejected from accessing the email address.
    DR122 The recipient's mailbox is full and cannot accept new messages.
    DR123 Your email address is registered on the "Do Not Call Registry".
    DR130 Receiver's server has issues.
    DR140 The message was not sent due to a temporary system error. Please contact us if this issue persists.