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    API Settings(Last Updated : 01/11/2017)

    Request API Key

    In order to access API, you need to request an API Key by following the instructions below:

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Under the Account tab, select API Settings.
    3. Complete the certification.
    4. Upon the approval, you will be assigned an API key. This can be found under API Settings.

    Set API Options

    After getting the API key, please go to Sign In > Account > API Settings for more API options.

    IP Address Restriction

    Title Description
    Only allow certain IP address to access my API Account Whitelist IP addresses that can access the API. Multiple IP addresses can be added.

    Push Result Data

    Title Description
    Push Rest API Call results to a URL This is recommended to replace GET Report and Check Response. Automated PUSH Notifications will be sent to this URL for any API request that are submitted. The JSON data will be pushed within the body of the notification. More information can be found in the REST PUSH and HTTP PUSH documentation.

    Inbound Message Forwarding

    Title Description
    Send all Inbound SMS Messages to a URL Inbound notifications and replies will be pushed to this URL using HTTP GET method via XML string. More information can be found at Receiving Inbound Messages.


    Title Description
    Keyword Sign-ups If disabled, any user who texts any of your keywords will not receive the standard compliance message and will not get added to a distribution list. This is used for one-time message responses via mobile keywords. Please note that this affects all mobile keywords in the account.
    Keyword Notifications If disabled, an email and text notification will not be sent regarding any mobile keywords.
    Keyword Auto-response If disabled, users will be added to the list, but will not receive the automated response message.
    Keyword Inbox If disabled, users that text in the keyword with a message will not be delivered to the inbox.