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Trumpia's powerful SMS, MMS, and Cross-Channel API comes with a free shared short code included in every API purchase, and you'll be able to send up to 200 messages per second. Our live support is available via phone and email in minutes. We offer REST, HTTP, and SMTP APIs for features like mass texting, landline texting, 2-factor authentication, and keywords through a variety of application languages.

Why Our API Is Better

  • high throughput rates
    High Throughput

    Fast SMS delivery up to 200 texts/sec (compared to 25 by others) via a ready-to-go shared short code. Other providers’ long codes allow throughput of only 1 per second.

  • free short code
    Free Shared
    Short Code

    New short codes are expensive and take weeks to activate. We include a shared short code that’s ready for immediate use.

  • text APIs
    Connection Types

    We offer HTTP, SMTP, and REST APIs, so you can integrate our messaging platform into yours no matter what programming language it uses.

  • enterprise grade reliability

    Our system is backed by dual network connections, dual data centers, active server, and storage failovers.

    Click here to learn more about our infrastructure.

  • web based user interface (UI)
    Web-Based User
    Interface Included

    Even with our basic plan, you get free access to our powerful web-based interface. And with a Premium Plan, you can get access to our proven engagement tools and send messages at will without programming.

  • no SMS carrier surcharge
    No SMS Carrier

    We do NOT charge you an additional carrier fee for sending an SMS to T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket, & Metro PCS. This saves you up to $0.0075 per message!

  • no contracts
    No Contracts

    Don’t get tied down by restrictive contracts with high monthly fees and years of commitment to get great prices. With Trumpia, you simply purchase credit buckets at prices lower than aggregators and large providers.

  • 365 day live support
    Live Support

    Unlike other providers, our team of API specialists will actually respond within 15 minutes during business hours including weekends and holidays. And we’ll pick up phone calls too, rather than just emails and support tickets.

  • Custom Development

    For high volume API customers, we can enhance API to fit your specific needs.

A Few of Our Tools

  • dedicated short code
    Dedicated Short Code

    You can also get a dedicated short code of your own. Inquire about how we can fast track the process, so you can have it up and running in just a couple of weeks.

  • integrated multi channel API
    Integrated Multi-Channel API

    We are the ONLY integrated API for SMS, MMS, email messages, and social media updates.

  • landline texting
    Landline Texting

    Send and receive text messages through your published business phone number instead of any personal mobile number.

  • two factor authentication
    Two-Factor Authentication

    Increase login security for your own software by requiring a one-time passcode that’s either emailed or texted to your users when a suspicious activity is detected.

    Learn more about two-factor here.

  • contact collection tool
    Contact Collection Tool

    Need a way to quickly build your contact database? Our software includes mobile keywords and online forms.

  • subscriber management
    Subscriber Management

    For faster programming time or help with compliance issues, our unique subscriber management API gives you all you need to manage contact database and unsubscribe requests. Even if you are managing your own subscriptions, our blocked number logic will add to your peace of mind.

Click here to learn more about other use cases.

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  • No SMS Carrier
  • Free Shared
    Short Code
  • High Throughput
  • 365-Day
    Live Support

Featured Customers

  • Hankook SMS Case Study

    “The price is right, and the API is straightforward. We use it to coordinate deliveries and shipments. Truckers get alerts when shipments are available to be picked up, and customers get alerts that their order is ready and on the way.”

    Jonathan Shin
    Web Application Developer Associate

  • OPLIN SMS Case study

    “By combining the library system's built-in email functionality with Trumpia's SMS capabilities, we were able to notify patrons across two channels without any added cost or training for the individual libraries.”

    Karl Jendretzky
    Technology Manager

  • Zacks SMS Case Study

    “It really was easy to get things set up quickly, and the website was pretty self explanatory for how to get everything done. Customer response has been overwhelmingly good with a lot of praise.”

    Tim Pendell
    Senior Project Manager