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    SDK Overview(Last Updated : 01/11/2017)

    Trumpia REST API

    Trumpia’s API allows you to add messaging capabilities.You can automate a system with the help of our REST API calls from other HTTP request tools.

    For more details, please visit API Settings and Trumpia REST API Technical Guidelines for references.

    Trumpia REST API SDK Beta (v0.2)

    The SDK is currently in Beta. This means that certain interfaces and functions may be modified before the final release.

    The Trumpia REST API SDK provides a tool for developers to quickly integrate with the Trumpia platform. It allows the developers to focus more on service logic while eliminating the need for boilerplate code, such as HTTP requests and deserialization/serialization of data.

    In order to use the Trumpia REST API SDK, you must install Java SE 6 or higher. Although we currently offer the SDK to Java users only, we will eventually expand the SDK for other languages as well.

    The Beta SDK currently offers functionality for:

    • Subscriptions - Create a subscription record for a subscriber/contact. This record is required for sending messages to the subscriber.
    • Distribution Lists - A distribution list enables you to create a specific group of subscriptions. The distribution list can then be used for targeted messaging or marketing campaigns, which means you are reaching only the most relevant subscribers.
    • Messages - Send a message via supported communication channels, including mobile text message (SMS/MMS) and email.

    Push Notification

    Push Notifications is a callback system that allows you to asynchronously receive results from your API calls once our system has finished processing. This makes it so that you don’t have to constantly check the API to get the results for your API calls. You can specify a URL for results and we can send the results to that URL as a POST request.

    Push Notification Responses

    You can receive Push Notifications for the following functions:

    • List Create / Update / Delete
    • Subscription Create / Update / Delete
    • Send message / Cancel scheduled message

    You are required to have a web server in order to receive these requests, and the details on how to configure a web server will be discussed in the next section.