Publication (Social Media)(Last Updated : 01/04/2017)

PUT Publication

Status Code Description
MPPE1001 Valid privacy level values are 1 or 3.
MPPE1002 Valid attachment type values are 2, 3, or 4.
MPPE1101 A Facebook username that was provided exceeds the maximum length allowed.
MPPE1102 A Twitter username that was provided exceeds the maximum length allowed.
MPPE1103 The description exceeds the maximum character count allowed.
MPPE1104 The content of your Facebook post exceeds the maximum length allowed.
MPPE1105 The content of your tweet exceeds the maximum length allowed.
MPPE1201 A social-networking account username includes special characters, which are not allowed.
MPPE2001 The maximum video or image size for Facebook is 1000MB.
MPPE2002 Verify the usernames of the social-networking accounts provided, or check that they are properly set in My Account.
MPPE2003 The usernames provided in the request contained duplicates.
MPPE2004 Verify that the attachment type is a valid type (e.g., link, image, video). For valid types, please refer to Facebook's support documentation.
MPPE2005 No valid SNS targets were provided. Valid targets include Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook Page.
MPPE2101 Social-networking account usernames must be provided.
MPPE2102 A description must be provided that serves as a reference for this post.
MPPE2103 Content for your Facebook post must be provided.
MPPE2104 The privacy level of your Facebook post must be provided.
MPPE2105 If the post_date parameter has been indicated, a valid date must be provided.
MPPE2106 Content for your tweet must be provided.
MPPE2107 A URL must be provided if an attachment (i.e., link, video, or image) is indicated.
MPPE2108 The attachment file type has not been entered.
MPPE2201 The post_date is incorrectly formatted.
MPPE2202 The URL must include http://.

GET Publication

Status Code Description
MPPE2301 The publication_id provided is incorrect.