Common(Last Updated : 01/04/2017)


Status Code Description
MPCE0000 The request was successful.
MPCE0101 The request failed to be authenticated.
MPCE0301 The request failed due to a temporary issue. Please retry in a few moments.
MPCE0302 API Call is temporarily disabled due to an internal issue.
MPCE0801 You must enter at least one proper parameter.
MPCE3101 Your account is past due.
MPCE3102 Your trial period has expired.
MPCE3201 You do not have enough Domestic Text Credits to process this request.
MPCE3202 You do not have enough International Text Credits to process this request.
MPCE3203 There was a credit error.
MPCE3301 The number of mobile keywords you are trying to create exceeds your current plan's limit.
MPCE3302 The number of subscriptions to which you are trying to send a message exceeds your current plan’s limit.
MPCE3303 The total number of emails exceeds your current plant's limit.
MPCE4001 The request is being processed.