Check Response(Last Updated : 01/11/2017)

Check the response of any previous API request by looking up the unique request ID.


Check Response /http/v2/checkresponse

Check Response

After an API request is made, a request_id is immediately returned. Use Check Response to check the request_id and get the status of the request. This will tell you if the call was successful or failed and provide an error message.

Resource Information

Response Formats JSON
Allowed Methods GET/POST

Body Parameters

* required parameters
Parameter Description
request_id * The request ID is the unique identifier for the API request you would like to check the response for.

Example value: 1234561234567asdf123

Request Example

GET Method

POST Method

<form method="post" action=""> <input type="text" name="request_id" value="1234561234567asdf123"> </form>

Response Example

{ "statuscode" : "1", "message" : "Send Success", "creditProcessID" : "12345", "taskID" : "123456" }