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    Functions(Last Updated : 01/11/2017)

    Resources List

    Create List Create a distribution list.
    Rename List Rename a list.
    Delete List Delete a list.
    Add Contact Adds a new contact to your database and associate it with an existing distribution list.
    Get Contact Data Retrieve contact information including tools and associated lists.
    Get Contact ID Retrieve the contact ID to identify a specific contact.
    Update Contact Data Update contact information by referencing contact ID.
    Add Contact to List Adds an existing contact to a list using the contact ID.
    Remove Contact Remove a contact from a distribution list.
    Delete Contact Permanently delete a contact from your database and any associated lists.
    Direct SMS
    Send Verification SMS Send an SMS message to a single mobile number.
    Send to List Send an SMS, and/or email to all contacts on a list.
    Send to Contact Send an SMS, and/or email to a single contact.
    Create Keyword Create a mobile keyword.
    Check Keyword Check the availability of a mobile keyword.
    Update Keyword Update a mobile keyword.
    Delete Keyword Delete a mobile keyword.
    Check Response
    Check Response Check the response for a request.