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Configuring Dual Domains

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Why would you use a Dual Domain?

  • In order to design a website with functionalities that are not offered by our WLW hosting or that do not abide by the Design Guidelines.
  • Your existing website is too large, or is too difficult to migrate over.
  • You have an existing Email Provider linked to your domain, and cannot give it up. (we cannot provide MX record updates to maintain this functionality)

To work around the issues stated above, we've implemented two possible solutions.

Solution #1 - iFrame Hosting

Host site → Your original site
Service site → Our service site

We will provide you with source file, "__tr_auto_resize.html". You must have this file in order to use the iFrame feature.

Download iFrame File for further instructions.

Solution #2 - HTTP POST to Sign in

HTML code can be provided if you would like to add a Login/Signup Bar to your primary website. This will allow users to log in through your primary site and get redirected to the UI of the "Service Site".

Download Login Bar HTML Code
Download Sign-up Page HTML Code

Known Limitations:

If you utilize this feature, please note that the following limitations may apply to your WLW platform. There are currently no workarounds in place.

  1. All client accounts which are configured will be set with a default ''.
  2. Your clients will receive system notifications from the WLW Domain.
  3. When logged in, your clients may see the root hosted URL to be the WLW Domain.

Before You Get Started:

In order to utilize this feature, two separate domains are required.

  1. You must have your Host Site.
    For example,
  2. You must have our service site.
    For example,