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* Please note that having your own custom short code is strictly OPTIONAL. All resellers will be provided a standard shared short code for use. If you wish to have your own dedicated short code, you have the option to request a premium short code.

Here is a summary of the things you need to set up your own dedicated short code for sending and receiving SMS text messages.

  1. You can lease your own short code here: A random short code costs you $500 per month, while a vanity short code costs you $1,000 per month. You pay this directly to iconectiv:
    1. iconectiv, Inc.
    3. Address:
      444 Hoes Lane
      Piscataway, NJ 08854-4151

  2. You must fill out a "campaign information (application scenario description)" to be able to finish short code setup with iconectiv. You also need to supply the same information to us so that we can file it with various wireless carriers for approval on your behalf. Please note that some carriers (notably T-Mobile and AT&T) may take 60 days or longer to get applications approved.
    1. These fields are required for future use:
      1. Business Name
      2. Company Address
      3. Company Phone
      4. Tax ID
      5. Company URL
      6. Company Point of Contact & Email
      7. Years in Business
      8. Customer Support Email
      9. Customer Support Phone Number

  3. Please note that your first payment of the short code fee to iconectiv is due within 60 days. After the first payment, iconectiv will charge you regularly (every 3, 6, or 12 months).
  4. In order for your custom short code to work with Trumpia White Label service, we need to host your short code at $3,000 initial set-up fee and $500 per month. This fee covers our out-of-pocket expenses for T-Mobile registration, aggregator provisioning and support, and Trumpia support. Please note that these fees are payable to Trumpia in addition to your short code fee paid directly to iconectiv as described above.

Acquiring your own short code is similar to owning your own web domain in that you need to purchase an Internet domain from a domain registrar, but you also need to find an ISP to host your website or email server. The ISP may also offer value-added features that will cost you additional fees.

All prices mentioned in this document are subject to change without further notice.
For more information, please contact or call 1-888-707-3030.