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*Please note that activating a DSP Email Server is strictly OPTIONAL and applies only to resellers who wish to make email marketing available for their customers.

What is an Email DSP? When do I need an Email DSP? What is the cost?

  • DSP stands for Dedicated Server Plan.
  • An Email DSP is the physical server that distributes emails.
  • You only need an Email DSP if you wish to provide Email Marketing for your customers.
  • Trumpia's DSP costs $150-$200 per month. A frequent blacklisting of your server IP address will either increase this monthly fee or stop your ability to send.

Without an email DSP, you are placed on a standard shared email server. This server is intended only to send administrative emails from the WLW platform and is NOT designed to perform email marketing capabilities for your customers.

For this reason:

  1. The deliverability of this email server cannot be guaranteed.
  2. You can not edit any of the default email templates that exist in the WLW client.
  3. You are not able to purchase email credits.
  4. You may be locked out from your Control Panel from time to time, by exceeding the usage of email credits.

Trumpia's Dedicated Server Plan (DSP) includes:

  1. Monitoring your email server traffic so that we can identify any hardware or software failure and take actions on your behalf.
  2. Restart SendMail
  3. Software upgrade / patch
  4. In case of a hardware failure, we will move your traffic temporarily to a system already prepared and configured to go from our inventory.
  5. After repair, we will move your traffic back to the original IP.
  6. Managing your IP, nameservers, reverse DNS, and configuration to work with Trumpia servers.
  7. Submitting requests for release from any unfair listing under an "email blacklist" as long as your email is not considered spam. Please note that emails sent to purchased or borrowed lists are considered spam by definition. Your email server will have a poor reputation and deliverability, and Trumpia will be forced to shut down your access.
  8. Suggestions to improve your server's SenderScore for better deliverability.
  9. Hardware selections are available from a basic Celeron server to a quad-core. Most customers are well served by the latest single-core Celeron server since email does not require much CPU power or memory. All servers are dedicated servers. We do not resell shared or virtual servers. You are the exclusive user on this machine and its IP.